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  1. we are cloth diapers afficionados

  2. Question About Cotton Flannel

    yes cotton flannel is often used for a diaper and flannel diapers are sold by angel fluff and babykins.com you can also by cotton flannel by the yard from JoAnn Fabrics and other places too. Flannel is nice and soft for awhile but eventually it gets quite hard and less comfortable than gauze diapers
  3. Tapatalk

    How does one log into tapatalk? Is it a texting program?
  4. I also find the very best plastic pants including the elastic come from babykins.com Try the pull on model #20300V. It comes in a 6 mil weight of vinyl and is very long lasting. Paul

    Do you live near Newtown, Pa?
  6. Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers

    Hi I would strongly urge you to give it a try. They are really nice and very soft (especially gauze diapers from adultclothdiaper.com).
  7. How do you feel when you wake up wet?

    Hi Padded Have you ever tried cloth diapers and plastic pants. They are very good for all bed wetters that want to avoid leeks in the bed. And they are less expensive in the long run. Check out gauze squares at adultclotdiaper.com and babykins plastic pants at babykins.com. I hope you are never grumpy again
  8. Chat Issues

    How does one refresh the page in the chat room? My messages don't get posted after the chat part of the chat room slowly gets smaller
  9. Disposables Vs. Cloth Diapers

    Cloth diapers (gauze) and plastic pants for me- one child used cloth and one used disposables
  10. Women with Incontinence

    Fantasy why do you want to be completely incontinent so quickly? As it is you will that way by the time you are 62 . I am all for wearing diapers and plastic pants as much as possible but some control can be very helpful at times. And I would also like to know why your doctor predicted incontinence is 10 years. Paul
  11. hi Kota

  12. Hi Busy MsLizzy.

  13. Hi Ms Lizzy

    1. BabyWendyMarie


      I would be happy to. Just let me know, busy Ms Lizzy. :6c40599601c3a1b365b5788b389356f4:

  14. bedwetting and day wetting

    Have you tried cloth diapers and plastic pants to save a bit of money in the long run over disposables as long as you have your own washer/dryer?
  15. Hello all

    hi Bill are you still online today in DD?