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  1. Hello, I am a 23yr young man looking for female friends that are abdls. I really would like to get to know a woman who is into diapers like me and really talk and connect , not just for sexual pleasure. Diapers are a huge turn on for me as well as being a daddy but I think it's important to connect with someone first, online it's hard since it's being driven from a sexual place but yeah hello. I like long walks by the beach
  2. I am a DL and I get turned on by diapers of course. So turned on that before I put the diaper on I will start to have some "fun" However, after relieving myself I don't have such a drive to wear anymore.. Or when I put the diaper on I have such a drive that I have to take it off to release because it's hard in a diaper.. Does anyone else do this and know how to achieve both without loosing the other lol?
  3. I don't even drink coffee haha. I will keep a little journal and write when I void and such so it isn't "in my head"
  4. I'm just curious as to why this is happening though.
  5. Well. Did abunch of tests. Doc said everything was fine.. even though I piss still very frequently through the day and wake up to pee. I would love to wear at night but I sleep on my side and would then leak all the time.. plus for some reason I have trouble sleeping in diapers idk why. Maybe the kind I have are small
  6. Just got back from the doctors appointment they're going to send a urine sample out for a culture he didn't see anything except a little protein in my bladder.
  7. I have a theory. Most abdls are males because of the comfort diapers have on our crotch,penis, etc. I believe that during early development there is an outside force that makes us uncomfortable. And while we are going through the sexual comfort stage like the anal and oral stage we find comfort in the diapers due to this discomfort that we face. I remember being as old as 5 and having this fetish. I enjoyed the sensation of warmth in my diaper when I peed.
  8. Hmm this is alittle scary but I have scheduled an appointment.. i don't wear often at all. I have trained myself to relieve and feel comfortable in a diaper. I pee frequently in a diaper. But I don't wear 24/7 and when I do wear it's like once maybe twice a week. I would always find myself in situations where I would have to hold my pee in until I could go. But yes I will have the urge to go a lot and then when I pee not go a lot. I have noticed I pee a lot more frequently and this happened around last year. Ever since then.. I'm 23 btw Im trying to think if I've done anything to damage. I've held in my pee a lot which I know isn't good but when I do wear diapers I try not to resist at all. I can't describe it well enough but if you're crouched forward there is something inside of you that naturally blocks pee and you can hold your pee back with out this natural like wall. But what I did was I completely let go and sat in this way until the pee went past this.. hard to describe
  9. For the last year I've noticed that I pee very frequently. I'll have a long pee and then about 20 mins later I'll have to go again and it feels like a lot but when I go it's not that much. I wake up several times during the night to pee and I loose sleep over it. I wake up about 2 or 3 times. like last night I got up to pee 5 times and it was only alittle
  10. Hello everyone, I love big thick huge absorbing diapers however sometimes it doesn't make sense to purchase these all the time due to cost. I am looking for a great diaper that has high absorbency like a dry 24/7 and is as thick, and good for a side sleeper but isn't as expensive. I have narrowed it down to abena m4, ID slip, Northshore supreme, and unique wellness. Which one do you believe is the best priced and absorbency and such? maybe there is one I didn't name that you feel is good?
  11. it;s actually really strange how this happens. I've been wearing for the past couple of days and yes it totally changes how I feel. So much so I may start wearing alot more who knows..
  12. Granted I contributed a large sum to the poor break up however maybe one day we could rejoice? she was into dd/lg so it was just a rare card ya know
  13. word thank you
  14. Thing is i told her about my fetish before we ever had sex right from the get go. What's the chance of finding an abdl and clicking with them? very very very low chance of a gf becoming or wearing and feeling the same way? also very low. im screwed she was the best