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  1. Bonjour

    Hello, I am a 23 year old, dl , straight male that works everyday in manhattan. I love what I do but I feel like something is missing. I want to love and take care of a woman who feels comfortable around diapers or also enjoys the fetish/dynamic and I hope she can also take care of me. Best Regards, Random guy on the internet
  2. Why?

    It's like the fetish and dynamic goes up against what nature and society has created. Women from birth are conditioned to be submissive towards the father(generally) and are conditioned to want a dominating person..so when a girl who's brought up in general culture is told or sees a man in diapers, which to them is a submissive thing, they are turned off.. maybe I should be talking to feminists, but can you still have a mommy and be taken care of and still hold the power that most women seek?
  3. Old Style Attends -Thick plastic backing 2017

    Can they be bought from another vendor instead of rearz?
  4. Why?

    Your wife who isn't a DL requests that of you? That's amazing.Truly amazing, see I would like to meet a girl like that. Tumblr is great but what I've seen is a swingers like vibe. Couples post pictures of each other and I'm very private about this. Girls I see on there post pictures of themselves half naked and I don't know if they'll stop just because we start dating. Even though we are in changing times, the social norm is still man = dominant woman=submissive there for a girl is more likely to be the little or diaper wearer because it's a submissing act that the bf performs to fulfill his pleasure, and the girl is happy to do that.. im friendly with a girl and it seems when I want a mommy or want to be taken care of, it's a negative, To the dl girl that responded, what's wrong with protecting yourself? Why do you need a man to do this? in my opinion what it comes down to is dominance. Always in a couple one person holds control or power or dominance.. the woman or man will of course nurture but what I've experienced is that once I give up my dominance to be with mommy, the relationship becomes frazzled . i don't think I've met a woman who is dominating and can still love me while im being submissive. I know switch's are out there but again it's tough I don't mind being daddy, not at all, but I also like to have a mommy. And on Tumblr all the girls are abs so they want to be taken care of and submissed,etc. and even in life I feel there is a game that is played when dating and such where the man has to act a certain way for the girl to accept him, and it's in a dominating way.
  5. Why?

    We ask the question, why? to learn new things, to delve deeper. Why are there such a small amount of abdl girls? why would any girl want to take care of a "man" wearing diapers? In the standpoint of knowing women like a strong man to take care of them. This makes being an abdl feel extremely unbalanced. Because most women don't like the idea of men in diapers or in a submissive or subordinate role. How could I be happy then? society makes it so hard to even fall in love when you're working everyday.. let alone the right girl to love you for everything even after the honey moon phase.. sigh* why, what is the point of a fetish? In terms of science everything we do has a core root to survival.. if anything it limits our DNA lineage.
  6. Right. That's the hard part. I'm 23 and trying to meet people in the community and on Tumblr I see pictures that girls post and I contact them but then I realize that they are continually posting pictures and I don't want to be with some one like that.. this makes it very hard to find and reach out to women who feel the same way as me that are ab/dls I guess what I'm getting at is, how do you go about meeting abdls with similar interests especially on the internet. It's always been so hard for me because girls are constantly being barraged by horney men. My pickup line is "hello" haha
  7. Hey everyone, I remember 5-8 years ago there was a lot more abdl related content on the web. For example, diaperspace.com. These days I am on Tumblr which has a lot of content and people however I've noticed something. With a lot of abdl relationships the couples are always posting pictures of themselves with the girlfriends in diapers. Sometimes the pictures are sexual sometimes they aren't. I was told that one should contribute to the community and post pictures with my little(I don't have one) however I was always against this idea. I wouldn't like my gf having her seperate blog posting diaper pics of her self and I can't understand why people do this when they are in a committed relationship yet I see tons of posts of people doing this. I'd like to meet a girl and grow together with our fetish but not publicly show everyone. Is it just this section of the abdl community that likes doing this?
  8. The best premium priced diapers are abenas, northshore and comfidry. Where do wellness briefs stand? I used them once and thought they were pretty good. are they better than abenas?
  9. I need help

    You will be alright.
  10. Dry Care 24/7

    How do you feel about wellness briefs ?
  11. Visiting Florida for alittle

    Hey everyone I'm headed over to delray for alittle. I've never met another abdl before would be great to hangout with another abdl and get something to eat! i might be able to travel alittle bit. hoping to meet an abdl girl
  12. Going to Florida!

    Hey everyone, I'm going over to Delray Beach for alittle bit , I was wondering if there were any Abdls in the area that would like to meet over some food ? I've never met another abdl so I think it could be cool.
  13. Wellness Briefs

    How would you compare these too dry 24/7 can they hold the same but these are more discrete?
  14. Dry Care 24/7

    Is it safe to say these are the MOST absorbent diapers on the market?
  15. What do you do about it?

    I am a DL and I get turned on by diapers of course. So turned on that before I put the diaper on I will start to have some "fun" However, after relieving myself I don't have such a drive to wear anymore.. Or when I put the diaper on I have such a drive that I have to take it off to release because it's hard in a diaper.. Does anyone else do this and know how to achieve both without loosing the other lol?