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  1. punk18

    Any abdl in New York City?

    I’m up in Harlem !
  2. punk18

    Should I just start wearing diapers to bed?

    Hopefully they won’t care but I rather keep this private.
  3. punk18

    Should I just start wearing diapers to bed?

    All of your responses are great and that comic is awesome. I’m going to give it a shot! Thank you! I’d love to wake up in the morning with a full diaper and then wet again in the morning.
  4. punk18

    Just moved to nyc!

    Hey Everyone! I just moved to New York City and I feel like I’m the only one who wears! Does anyone else live around here?
  5. Hey Everyone! About 2-3 years ago I started to wake up in the middle of the night really needing to pee. It would always disturb my sleep so I started to pee in a bottle when ever I woke up to go, I am a dl and I love to wear diapers but sometimes it’s really hard to sleep with them on, for some reason I just role back and forth. Also I wake up early and have a roomate and I’d have to shower and stuff.. plus there is cost.. idk I feel if I want to be happy I should just do it but I don’t want to have to worry about getting to “excited” or having an accident and not getting enough sleep. Plus I feel I should buy a cheaper diaper for everyday, this would ultimately make me very comfortable and I’d turn into a bed wetter. What are are your thoughts. I want to be happy but also healthy.
  6. punk18

    Best diaper for discreet purposes

    Yes the Seni Quattro in my experience is THE BEST discrete diaper.. only down side is cloth like
  7. I’d like to start wearing to work and when I’m out and about but I’d need more discreet diapers. My roomate always like to hangout with me too and we live right next to eachother. what are some of the quitest diapers that hold a lot and don’t swell up a lot that you know of? Thanks!
  8. punk18

    Manhattan public toilets

    Guys I live in nyc! Haha I wish I could wear all the time!
  9. punk18

    Does this happen with you?

    When I wear my diapers I begin to wet way more frequently. Does this happen to any of you? I honestly wet once every 5-10 minutes
  10. punk18

    My girlfriend and i

    Are you nuts? 6 months and then you’re getting engaged?! Dude wait like 2 years at least Jesus Christ
  11. punk18

    Feeling Alone

    In my opinion you first have to get over him before you can do anything. The truth is diapers and him are infused in your mind right now if one is brought up the other is attatched. Once you move on then you can deal with the pain of being reminded but once you start loving yourself again and if you truly like diapers everything will be okay :) harsh but critical
  12. Hello, I’ve had some experience in being a daddy towards a little and ive had only alittle bit of experience being an abdl with my self. I am mostly a DL but I am really interested in being a better daddy to an abdl. I’m not the best I admit but I’d like to get there. It’s hard for me sometimes to keep strict punishments or rules because the other side of me is a little baby that loves everything and how can I be strict if I love someone so much haha. Ive never had the opportunity to be an abdl to a mommy. I know I’m good at listening but I also know I can get cranky sometimes and I feel I can be a better listener. Anyway, I live in nyc and I’m looking forward to learning more! Thanks!
  13. punk18

    Your Partner Changing Your Diaper

    Thank you for the great advice. I will try my best to meet a woman who really cares about me and I her.
  14. punk18

    Your Partner Changing Your Diaper

    Dude.. this sounds incredibly awesome!!!! How can I find a woman like that? What do I have to do to warrant that behavior?