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  1. punk18

    Who is ready for riding weather?

    I love riding weather! I have a CB350 Honda from 1973
  2. Hello everyone, Ive always liked to go to bed wearing and pee in my sleep but I always leak with plastic diapers and the plastic pants I have aren’t too great. I did some research and found terry lined plastic pants would be great with the added cloth like material. do others agree or have other suggestions? i don’t want to have to worry about leaking at all. thanks!
  3. punk18

    Health and ABDL

    I guess you need to comment to voice your opinion? I respect your opinion. You are always validated. There’s nothing dangerous about what I said as it’s just an opinion like yours. Many people have opinions on drugs and medicine. There for “this is a dangerous statement” would be better off as “ I believe this is a dangerous statement” and I should have said, “ I believe society yadayada” correct? because phrasing opinions as statement rises complications. goodluck with your anxiety and ptsd.
  4. punk18

    Health and ABDL

    Abdl is very beneficial. By wearing and regressing you alleviate your mind and let it relax to a lower state like when you were younger. Society would rather prescribe drugs but we have our diapers! ; ) haha
  5. Does anyone else think about putting a diaper on instead of following the impulse? like I’ll think if I’ll use it all or if ill waste it and not use it all l, just a lot of deciding factors that make me not want to?
  6. punk18

    A mistake..

    Thanks guys.
  7. punk18

    Not in the mood, yet am diapered.

    For the love of god. It sounds like you have a DREAM wife to me. You guys out there that have wives that KEEP you in diapers.. how did you go about achieving this what did you ask for? I would love a wife like this.
  8. Hey everyone, Back before the internet was regulated and censored there was this site called girls-n-diapers.com. It was pretty cool. I was wondering what you guys and girls thought about these pictures and knew what kind of diapers this woman is wearing.. do you think her “accident” is real? thanks! I’d love to know if she’s an abdl
  9. punk18

    I’m tired of playing mommy!

    She’s an abdl!!!
  10. punk18

    I’m tired of playing mommy!

    This doesn’t make anyone else go !!!!!!!!!0_0
  11. Saw this on college humor its towards the middle-end.
  12. As a diaper lover, I love diapers however, when I wear at night I get little or bad sleeps. I wake up with a huge boner or my testicles will become uncomfortable every time I wear at night i sleep horribly, and it sucks because I want to very badly. I get too excited
  13. punk18

    Where can I get samples?

    I don’t think they do anymore which is quite sad
  14. punk18

    Where can I get samples?

    Didn’t xp medical sell samples? does llmedico or north shore still do it?
  15. punk18

    Where can I get samples?

    Hey everyone, i think i am I am transitioning into a size large and I was wondering if anyone knew where I could sample abena L4s?