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  1. Interesting. Yeah after I did that I woke up a couple hours later extremely horny. It’s alitrle hard for me still since it messes with my rest. My plastic pants can be alittle tight too but I’ll just get used to it.
  2. Hey Everyone, so last night I was excited to go to sleep wearing and having my plastic pants on. I vaguely remember waking up and as I was waking up I was peeing in my diaper. It felt awesome knowing I was bedwetting with just the mindset of “ its okay and safe to do this” has this happened to anyone else?
  3. I can’t understand what you wrote Yeah that makes sense because you both are in a relationship with eachother and it wouldn’t be right to eachother to be looking at or for other abdls
  4. I’m 25 and I may be getting older but it’s all about your mindset and how you take care of yourself!
  5. Well if anyone is in nyc let me know!
  6. punk18

    Really trying

    Yeah that sounds good. Hey 25 isn’t that young
  7. It’s strange. Living in nyc and looking on fetlife I haven’t been able to reach out to any abdls in my age range. Even on here 😕
  8. Have you ever suspected someone near you was wearing a diaper? I swear I heard a crinkle sound when this beautiful woman sat next to me on the subway. I don’t know though, sometimes I feel that’s letting the fantasy take precedents over real life. I wonder if she is on this site 😛 haha
  9. Are they better than dry247 or better dry though!? Lol
  10. I have a feeling if we were to fall for eachother again she would like it again
  11. Thank you for your kind wise words. Yeah it’s just sad hearing it come from someone you cared about and who also participated.. I definitely understand and I am of the thought that diapers aren’t my whole life just a part. I think I’m better off just enjoying in the house/bedroom. If they want to take it a step further thats great. I’m just thankful a woman will love time anyway :)
  12. Once a time ago I dated a girl who loved me and I loved her. I loved her so much I told her about my diapers and I remember at the time she said she loved that part about me. As time and space built, our relationship collapsed inward. Things got messy( no pun intended lol) long story short: we don’t date but we have an unhealthy tendency to reach out to eachother, it always ends up in argueing. This time she said she wouldn’t want to be with me because of diapers and she wouldn’t want to wear all the time and because I always bring them up when we talk sexually... we also aren’t in love with eachother. We love but aren’t in love. That hurt me a lot because she was my first girlfriend to accept that and indulge and even like it at a point. Its interesting that when a girl loves you and you’re in the beginning phase there is almost like an open canvas opportunity and she is more willing because she loves you. Today made me realize too that the next relationship I’m in has to be with an abdl/dL or a woman that accepts me and my diapers. I cannot be with a woman who won’t love me and my diapers.
  13. I’m looking for a part time job I can work from my computer doing if anyone has any leads :)