LL Medico Diapers and More Bambino Adult Baby Diapers

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    • "Baby tired yeth she's does.." he said remembering to talk like a baby like Mandy told him too. James waddled along with Mandy to the nursery for nap time.  
    • Kayla stood up in her crib when she woke up. "Mommy mommy upsie." she said letting her know she was up
    • Like I said, the process is not fast, but it works.  You need to explain to your doctor why you need Dry 24/7 vs their brands.  I had to try probably 6 or so brands and document that they did not work and eventually, VA special ordered the Dry 24/7 for me.
    • "I think I can, but how about this. You know my co-worker Chris, right?" Ben began. "He and his wife have become very close to us and our friends. He told me today that he and his wife Erica are thinking about trying for kids. Why don't you go out and get your nails done and shop with her? Chris can come over and help me with the boys. That way he can get some experience with kids."  Ben walked over and looked at Nick and Adam's drawings. "Wow! These are really good guys!" He picks them up and takes them over to the refrigerator, affixing them to it with magnets. "Now, everyone can enjoy them."
    • @DLBiker sounds like a huge headache i am almost tempted to have a accident with those cheap diapers to prove my point... If one thing is certain i can over flow a cheap wings diaper in one shot esp if i have been sitting for hours.  nothing like standing up and have a diaper fail and pee running down your legs and wet pats. granted i woudl much prefer that that would hold and not have Velcro tape that break on me too.  i currently get Tena Ultras on medicaid  can i get more out of the VA then just diapers, like i get washable underpads, diaper doublers, gloves from the state now so can i get comparable    If anyone wants to chat with me i am on skype pm me for my info