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    • “Oh yeah they would “ Rachel says chuckling “Okay Chloe put your plate in the sink and we will go watch the movie “ Rachel says as she gets up to go set it up    jess woke up and was sucking on her hand calmly 
    • “Yeah she seem to be like me and doesn’t mind change too much “ hanna says watching Emily make cute faces as she wakes up    Emily made a few faces before rubbing her eyes looking up at Mya and Hanna with a sleepy glear at them 
    • My favoritekinds of poo are the soft ones that are soft nough that they cover my butt But stay there and don't get absorbed 
    • I cannot recall ever cumming in a diaper without some external stimulation.  I still get excited to wear diapers but it certainly isn't as intense as it used to be.  I mainly use a Hitachi magic wand while wearing diapers now for some extra fun.
    • Kayla continues sniffling as her mommy takes her hand she don't resist knowing she'll only get another spanking. Her jaw drops when she sees her room. "Wh--what have you done!" she looked around her room was now a nursery hanging on the crib was a diaper stacker filled with pampers! "Pl--please mommy i'll be good!" she cries as she's laid down. She watches as her mommy unfolds the diaper. Kayla closes her eyes not wanting to see any of this! "Ow--owe!" she yelps as she feels something in her bottom. She feels the diaper being pulled tight between her legs then taped in place. Once she's off the table she notices how much thicker her diaper is compared to her pull up and the worst part in the constant crinkle.