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    • "you don't need to breastfeed him he is 10 years old, he is not a baby if you do that he won't do what most kids do." the doctor says i pee myself again making the diaper very thick and sit down making the urine rise up my back making it bulge up more but they can't see because i still have the gown on "mommy can i have this gown off i don't like it" the doctor looks at me and says "jeremy can you stand right here so i can take it off you and re-diaper you, megan also it is very different when you diaper someone like Jeremy, you can change him while he is standing, sitting on a chair and even when lying down. try each one and see which one is better for him and you, when you have him lie down you don't hold up his ankles"
    • It's hard to fully comprehend where you're trying to go here, but those thoughts probably explained how I felt about diapers for a very long time.   I have to object to the way you worded how you feel about diapers.  Diapers are just for babies, or the very old is a complete myth.   It's a myth that is destroying your self-esteem, because it's making you feel guilty about it. The second part though is troubling.  First of all, it seems to exhibit a negative opinion of people who utilize therapy to deal with anxiety and depression (among other things).  They are not defective and for some it's an accommodation that allows them to deal with life.  Therapy for some is like glasses for near-sited.   They need that outlet to function just like I need glasses to see beyond a few feet. It's also a misnomer that anybody who would want to wear diapers needs therapy.  I have gone to a mental health professional, and I wear diapers every night.  I work at home and rarely change out of my diaper until later in the morning, and wear diapers at some point during the day about 3 or 4 days a week.   I'm in a diaper more than 12 hours a day, and I use them for pee (not poop).    I can easily make it to the toilet if I need, but the diapers provide a security blanket for me.  I don't use therapy partly because I've accepted my diaper use.   If I didn't have diapers, I'd probably be a racked with anxiety and have a hard time functioning in real life. Now that's just me, and there is probably nobody who shares exactly that issue.  Some people here use diapers and use therapy. Some have no need for therapy, and the diapers don't affect it in the slightest.     Some are comfortable with wearing in private, some have a desire to wear in public for the rush.
    • Zack started to looking around. He wondered if he would be able to get bath crayons. The ones the washe diff on the wall. While zack felt the need to go to the bathroom but Ignored it because he wanted to shop and get some toys.  " daddy look bath crayons can I get them " xzack asked holding them up. 
    • Michael smiled "well baby we need sippys and bath toys and and bath stuff" as they walked through the store Michael stopped at the car seats saying "and a car seat for my little boy"