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    • Perfect way to wear an ABU Super dry kids diaper is to wear it over a North Shore Supreme, makes for a super thick and thirsty diaper, should last all night till morning. 
    • I think your now completely cought up with the original. What now?
    • So, I know the chapters aren't super long but I'm going to try and create at least two more before the weekend is over. Hopefully people enjoy the shorter digestible chunks instead of a huge epic all at once. Kind of like watching a TV show week to week instead of binge watching it and feeling empty after it's done. Gotta chase the dragon. If people would rather a longer release schedule that have larger posts, please let me know.
        Chapter 3: Sensory Overload

      Sarah blinked a few times before her vision cleared. She was in motion, confusion was replaced with fear as the world cleared. It took her a moment to realize she was being rocked back and forth. She looked down to see that she was strapped in a baby rocker. Looking down at herself, she was in awe. She was wearing a dark blue pair of overhauls, a pastel blue t-shirt with puffy sleeves with her feet sporting plain white socks. She was strapped in the rocker by a strap that went around her lower half like a soft baby swing. Looking around the room, the only things that stood out was a giant white dresser and a large toy box with a bunch of stuffed animals littered around it. The fear was starting to get the better of her, her hands went down to strap that was holding her in. She yanked on the panel, she could hear herself grunt, the fabric stretching but it didn’t move. Frustrated tears formed in her eyes, she didn’t know what to do. She started trying to pull herself up into a sitting position, but the rocking and slight headache made it impossible, tears turned into a full on cry. The rocking started to slow as a green blob came into her tear filled peripheral.
      “Awwww, what’s wrong sweetheart?” The blob cooed.

      Sarah noticed she was crying hard enough to start hiccuping and didn’t even hear the words being said to her. It was when she felt hands grab her under arms and lift her up and out of the rocker started to take her out of the haze. She felt her legs dangle as something lifted her with a slight grunt. The tears stopped long enough to see Mrs. Anderson face fill her view. It was at that very moment, as Mrs. Anderson's hips supported her weight that she was reminded of what exactly she was wearing. One of her hands was lightly holding her leg while her forearm supported her bottom, her diapered bottom. Sarah’s crotch was pushed against the woman’s side, pressing the diaper into her. The pressure on her lower region was alien as she felt the fabric rub her nether regions.

      “I just changed you, so I don’t think it’s that.” She said and she rubbed away some of Sarah’s tears. “I bet you’re hungry, huh.” She said scrunching her nose.

      She was dressed completely differently than before. She was in total mother mode, her hair in a loose pony tail, a thin green sweater with a blue shirt under it and a regular pair of jeans. Not expecting any response from Sarah, she started walking towards to the door. In this moment, Sarah was exposed to the entire room. It was a fully stocked nursery, built for a baby, a baby of her size. Everything in the room was something from a normal nursery, except larger.  A rocking chair and the rocker she was just in were in one corner while the big white dresser and toy box were in the other. There was a giant white crib made of sturdy wood on one side while another large white object she couldn’t quite see from her view at opposite. The room was blue with white cartoon clouds all over the walls, each one had a different silly expression on its face. The floor was covered in a bunch of puzzle piece mats that had letters and numbers in the middle of each mat. The mats covered the entire floor, giving it very playroom type aesthetic. The one thing that really stuck out was a bundle of silver and blue balloons that filled her vision as they left the room. Each balloon had the words printed on them. It took a few moments to digest what they said, the contents setting off every remaining alarm she had left. Written in reverse coloring, the words spelled out clearly for anyone to see…“Congratulations, It’s a boy!!!”