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    • I work as a caregiver (currently getting my QMAP) please be very careful with shoving candy up your ass if you do dont stick it in your mouth which can give you the norovirus (feces ingested via mouth) It only takes a very small amount of particles (fewer than 100) to make you sick. People with illness shed billions of virus particles in their stool and vomit and can easily infect others. You are contagious from the moment you begin feeling sick and for the first few days after you recover.  If you’re wanting to shove things up your ass use anal toys and clean them well. Dont do what pornstars do and start licking things that you take out of your ass.
    • The only one not warming up to me was Denny. He just didn't dig me so to speak. Beautiful saw Denny just sitting there and just started talking to him.  "What's the Matter you look kind of down?" "Nobody wants me, my mom my grandpa. Just nobody!" "What makes you say that?"  "My mom has her boyfriend and doesn't want us. Grandpa has Rachel and doesn't want me."  "I something that is true, I bet you if you met your grandfather half way you would discover he has room for you in his heart your just not letting him into yours like Rachel has. That's why they get along so famously. Your grandpa his very loving and he wants to love you. Your mom said he was never there for her. Did you know Your grandfather kissed your mom goodbye every night before leaving for work." "He did?" "Yes, your grandfather told me about a trip they went on when when your mother was younger. He told me it was one of the best times he ever remembers, hd took 2 whole weeks off and they got the hell out of Arizona, went to Yellowstone, Jackson Hole Wyoming. Your grandmother and him connected so well it was a wonder that you don't have an Aunt or an Uncle. Your grandfather feels the reason your mom has abandoned you 3 is because she feels abandoned by him. He blames himself." "But he wasn't there, mom fell in love with Brandon and she could care less. Even if it meant she had to live under a freeway. The people felt that it wasn't good for us to live under a freeway. They took us from her. Then grandpa found us and we came here. Grandpa I can tell really loves Rachel. You know she still wets her bed. I know mom hated the fact that her and Frandcine both did. She made them sleep in a crib together. Mom liked me best until she met Brandon and then I became forgotten like Rachel." "I'm sorry Denny, but sometimes parents arent perfect. We make mistakes. We're just like everybody else, just like your mom feels hers should be perfect, you expect her to be perfect and feel disappointed. Does that mean your mom hated you?"  "She didn't always hate me until Brandon. I guess your right. She always told us that grandpa wasn't a good man. Now she is not much better than her dad!" "Your grandfather tries. He took me and my granddaughter in when her family was killed. Trudy my granddaughter thinks your grandfather is the best, she gave him a chance and he hasn't disappointed. Same with Rachel she has z friend now. I bet your grandfather could be a really good person to you if you just let him.    
    • Can i put huggies on diana?  
    • Sophia then puts her mouth on Madison's nipple