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    • I start crying more thinking it's my fault
    • Tranquility ATN & Tranquility Slimline both work for me and I am a side sleeper also and use reusable mats to catch the occasional leaks.
    • Lisa and Kayla talked whenever they got a chance! So your mommy left when you was little asked Lisa, my daddy left and then he died. My mommy didn't want me anymore she dropped me off at CPS and I met my daddy. He wanted me! My mommy abandoned, us. My daddy drank a lot. He would lock us in the closet so we couldn't get in trouble while he drank. We had water and food, and a porta potty we slept a lot. There was a lightbulb and we had light. But he drank some moonshine. It was poisoned be got alcohol poisoning from it. He died on Sunday. When we didn't go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday the sent a teacher to check on us. My daddy smelled really bad. They found us locked in the closet. My diaper was soaked J.J.'s was to. You wear diapers to, asked Lisa? Kayla blushed yeah I'm a bedwetter. I am to said Lisa. Really you won't make fun of me will you, asked Kayla? If you don't make fun of me said Lisa! J.J. wets his still said Kayla. That's why I'm so glad to be here for one I have J.J. and we don't get into trouble being a bedwetter. Yeah I heard. My brother Kenny has scars on his back, I found out that it was from bedwetting, but not his. My sister Krystal wets her bed as well as Nancy. Olivia does to said Kayla. She told me about her mommy's family it happens a lot! Yeah my mommy and daddy wet theirs as well said Lisa. Well your daddy and my mommy are brother and sister said Kayla, your daddy is the oldest. I'm glad your my friend and kinda like cousins said Lisa, we will be when were adopted. Yeah I can't wait until that happens said Kayla. I've only been here for 1 day said Kayla but this place feels more like home than my home did said Kayla. I know said Lisa I love my daddy he plays football with your daddy! I haven't seen my daddy play football yet, said Kayla. The season is done said Lisa, our daddys goes away to play football for months and months then the come home and spend a few months with us then they go back and play football again, then their gone again. I'm going to miss my daddy when he goes said Lisa.  
    • Confidry 24/7 works for me. Side/stomach sleeper. Otherwise I'd say try cloth. Abena M4 also works 80% of the time.