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Story Contest: Best Night Ever

Post your submissions for the December 2017 Story contest here!

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    • “We found her living in a box at the park “ Hanna says    Jess stop and pouted 
    • Here's a dress shirt onesie I've been thinking of investing in; I pretty much wear white button down shirts all the time as an adult lol: http://privatina.shop-07.de/privatina-p18h186s90-body-business.html Just find the little American Flag icon at the top of the page to translate the page into English.  
    • He sighed and shook his head. "There is no reason for such a ridiculous rule in this house," he told her.  "I don't want my twelve year old daughter peeing her pants just because she thinks she has to ask all the time and I'm not paying attention, sweetie.  That would be really embarrassing for you, and would even hurt your feelings." He rubbed her lap a minute. "Go ahead and go before you wet your pants, sweetie." He gently pushed her up so she could go. Then he went back down to talk to Shelley.  He was concerned about her house rules, and decided to have Shelley keep an eye on her to make sure she didn't put it off too scared to go and too scared to ask.  Shelley, of course, thought that was horrible to make a kid her age ask to use the bathroom at home, and she quickly agreed that she would keep an eye on her because something like that can really depress a girl so close to being a teenager.
    • Thanks for the welcomes! 
    • Welcome to the neighborhood come on in and relax you're among friends here so just enjoy your self