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Story Contest: Best Night Ever

Post your submissions for the December 2017 Story contest here!

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    • Madisonn checked her little one's diaper. Awww looks like your wet and massy
    • I really don't think of it as humiliating. I think of it more like sexual.  I am walking down a crowded street in a short dress and I am holding in two or three days worth of poop. I already peed but i could feel a turtle head poking out and I am getting that itch to just lean on a parked car and push out the entire load in one push. As I lean on the car with my arms extended I give that first push and it just comes out in one huge solid log and is curling up inside my diaper to the size of a softball. I am gasping because for me it is just one huge feeling of ecstasy. I didn't notice the young man standing in a doorway just fixated on my full and sagging diaper. He comes up behind me and wraps his jacket around me and asks if I am feeling well. I could feel his throbbing erection rubbing against my fully loaded diaper. I ask him if he can walk me to my car, and I don't think any man will refuse especially if he has a raging hard on like that. I really don't want to get over the rating of R. He walks me to my car I open the drivers door slowly and pull my diaper down and this man sees my chocolate covered eye and i just pull his zipper down and direct his delicious erection towards my brown eye. I don't want to go further,so y'all just use your imagination and come to your own conclusion. Hugs all and enjoy them diapers !
    • that's right but oh no what is this