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    • Thank you all so much for your responses!  They all give me some hope.  My basic goal here is to limit the amount of focus and time I spend on diapers and turn that to my family and the hobbies I use to enjoy so much..  I’m not sure which path I should take yet.  My Job makes changes at work very difficult as I work outside all the time, 10hr. Days with no inside amenities other than an outhouse.  The other hang up I have is my wife who has accepted my DL Side but questions my desire for 24/7.. she thinks I’ll regret it later in life.  I feel like she’s just saying that because she doesn’t want to feel/look like the bad guy.   Then of course there’s my kid who’s almost 12.  Not sure how I’d keep this from him or how best to explain when he figures out that his hero wears diapers!.. 
    • People freak out about buying diapers at a store and someone seeing them. I don't understand why, I mean so a 25 year old is buying adult diapers. The clerk is thinking, oh he is getting them for a family member like grandma, etc. If you run into someone you know and they have the balls to ask, you say, a friend asked me to pick them up for his grandma so I am helping them out. And you do your business and walk out. We build up diapers in our own minds so much in this community as wrong and bad that we tend to over exaggerate in our own head what will happen if caught. I did the same thing for years. But now I wear 24/7 with a medical reason as well as my life long love for diapers and I broke that barrier in my mind down finally and not only don't care who sees, I show and tell people I wear diapers. 99% of them either respond with sympathy or ask whats wrong with my bladder. I honestly think the child hood stupidity of making fun of someone in diapers stays with us and builds stronger as we go. This is one of the reason's I help fight the stigma against diapers in society at any age. Those who need them should not be looked at as a baby, and those who use for convenience at any age from 7 to 99 should be allowed to freely do so without judgment. I beg parents when potty training to stop telling the kids, diapers are for babies. let them still wear diapers after potty training every so often like a car trip so they know diapers are a tool and just underwear. Just my 2 cents.  Oh so to answer this question, if I am really low on diapers, I will walk to the CVS 5 blocks from my house, buy a pack of diapers and carry them home. 
    • No stores around stock anything worth having.     I've bought a few things (wipes, etc) at local stores without reservation.
    • Awww he is as bashful little boy! So cute hear him thanking for changing his messy tushy rsrs ! Hope there more !!!