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    • Welcome to DD. You should embrace this part of you, nothing to be ashamed of. Maybe not everyone needs to know this about you, but it can be a great thing for you to explore. There are so many likeminded people here, so plenty of understanding. The rules here, have fun and Enjoy! 
    • I certainly get your feelings about this. While it isnt my thing, I live with a baby who enjoys bedwetting. And there is going to be a followup to the book The Joy of Bedwetting, so I guess you are not alone. Check it out... https://abdiscovery.com.au/growing-up-a-bedwetter/       Thanks Steve. I will let everyone know when it is published. Forrest keeps updating his wet bed picture collection. I continue to be surprised at just how many there are!1
    • About 20 minutes ago.  I had just got out if work and. I couldn't hold it anymore.  I had just went into grocery store and ran to the bathroom I didn't even make it to the stall.  It just came out.
    • ch 18 “Lauren you can't just swing wildly like that,” I told him as we did a morning sparring match.  He was still swinging his staff wildly and making it easy to see where they were coming from and easily dodge them.  After a little while, I finally swat the staff away with a large stick I found. “I think you might need a better weapon,” I told him as he picked up his weapon. “But this is a royal staff. It’s a strong weapon.” Lauren told me. “Ya, it is a strong weapon. But the owner doesn't know how to use it right and it lost to a stick.” I told him. “Look there are a ton of weapons in the basement, go take a look and see if one of them would be better to use.” Lauren nodded and ran into the cabin. After what happened yesterday he finally warmed up to me.  Especially after I apologized for tricking him into fighting a ton of slimes. Now he at least listens to me a bit better than before. I then turned my attention to the girls who were sitting on a bench on the side of the cabin talking.  “So what are you two up to?” I asked them as I walked up to them. “Bab is teaching me how to use my dark magic!” Ramonita told me excitedly. “Watch!” She then raised her hands out and tried to focus hard on her magic until a black smoke began to appear. “That's awesome,” I tell her as the smoke disappeared. “By the way, what does dark do?”  “Dark is known as a defensive type of magic,” Bab told me. “Unlike all the other elemental magic, it's the only one that has no real attack magic. Dark will absorb any and all types of energy that touches it.” “Wait is that what I did to Elroy's light magic?” Ramonita asked. “Yes, while it was only for a moment you absorbed his light magic. When you get much stronger you will even be able to redirect that type of attack.” “That sounds like a very good shield,” I tell them. “Not really,” Bab told us. “Like I said it has to be energy. Light, lightning, fire, and wind are considered energy based while the rest are more physical. While she could absorb my lightning Alex could throw a snowball and it would just go straight through.” “Ok, now that sounds a bit better. But what else can it do?” I asked. Her. “Dark users can also make dark illusions but this takes years to learn,” Bab told us. “Bab please teach me as much as you can!” Ramonita begged her. I couldn't help but smile at how well they were getting along. It wasn't that long ago that Bab was looking forward to getting away from the orphanage and the kids there but know I can see she's slightly enjoying herself a little. Must be because Ramonita sees Bab as nothing but a normal girl and maybe a friend. Hell, I wish I had a camera this morning when I went to check on them. Last night Bab was a little miffed that she had to share the bed with someone she didn't really know and even more self-conscious about using her pacifier. But Ramonita didn't mind at all. To her, this was all just fun and she was enjoying herself.  Bab herself also seemed to enjoy the bedtime story I told them. Once they were asleep I crept out of the room and checked on Lauren who was fast asleep in Aeva’s pink bed.  When I woke up early in the morning from sleeping on the lumpy couch I decided I would just continue to sleep in my sleeping bag as that was much more comfortable. I decided to check on the kids to see how they were doing. Lauren was fine but I noticed he mumbles in his sleep. As for the girls, I saw Bab half sprawled out on the bed with Ramonita tightly embracing Bab as if she was a stuffed animal.  Bab’s heavily wet diaper was on full display and I figured now might be a good time to change her before it leaked. I somehow was able to quickly and quietly got Bab cleaned up without waking her, but I must have accidentally bumped Ramonita as she lifted her head and rubbed some of the sleep from her eyes. “What are you doing?” she whispered to me. “Bab had a full diaper and I'm giving her a change. Would you like one.” I asked her only joking. But Ramonita got a smile on her sleepy face as I heard a slight hiss coming from her diaper. “Yes please,”  she told me as she rolled onto her back to allow me to change her. I was a little stunned that she used her diaper right in front of me like it was no big deal, but I did offer a change and I have told her before I didn't mind if she used them. I quickly got her changed as well, sealing her nice and tight in the soft padding. While I did this she fell back asleep so I threw the blanket back over them both to let them sleep a little while longer. I couldn't help but think how cute they looked sleeping together, almost like sisters. It was then that Lauren came running back outside to me holding a few weapons. He had with him a small mace and a small sword. Two weapons perfect for his size.  “Okay, let's start your training,” I tell him as I picked up my stick. “Let's see which one fits you better.” “Alex, wait,” Ramonita said and I turned back to her. “Can you train me as well?”  “But I thought you wanted Bab to teach you magic?” I asked her. “I do, but I also want to train with you as well,” she told us. “Why not both?” Bab suggested and we all looked at her. “The prince also needs to learn how to use magic so why don't they take turns being taught by us. I teach one the basics of magic while you take the other out to train and get experience. It's a win-win.” Thinking about it she was right. Lauren should learn how to use magic and maybe learn he's better at it then using a weapon. While Ramonita just wanted to fight more. Either way, it could work out. “That sounds like a good idea. Okay then since Ramonita already learned some basics it's your turn, Lauren.” I tell him before Ramonita and I go into the woods to do a little hunting. **************************** We returned about 2 hours later when the pain from the bracelets got annoying. Ramonita and I killed quite a few monsters and definitely grew a bit. When we got back we saw Bab soaking wet chasing Lauren and yelling at him for some reason. Apparently, Lauren really needs to learn better control as he accidentally drenched Bab with a bunch of water. Even Bab’s diaper got drenched and now saged below her short skirt allowing Lauren to learn about them. I had to explain to him that Bab had a personal problem and needed them, while Ramonita was forced to wear them because of Bab and doesn't have any underwear to replace the diapers. With the explanation done Bab went into the cabin to take a quick shower and strip from her soaked clothes and diaper. Once she was done and mostly dressed I came in and helped with the new diaper. “Damn Bab, you really soaked this one.” I joked as I picked up the heavy wet diaper.  She responded by hitting me in the arm. With that out of the way, I decided to make lunch for the kids before we switched over our training. Lunch was just a simple sandwich with water. Once we were done eating Lauren and I left to train leaving the girls at the cabin. ********* “You're getting better,” Bab told Ramonita as she finally managed to recreate the dark wall she used to protect me a few days ago.  “It's all thanks to you,” she told Bab with a big smile on her sweaty face. “I think that's enough practice for now. Your mana is most likely near empty.” Bab told her as they took a seat on the bench. “Hey Bab, can you tell me more about you?” Ramonita asked.  “Sorry, but I want to keep a lot of that to myself,” Bab told her not trusting her with that type of info. “Alright, then how about nothing too personal but practical. Like what's your favorite color, mine is pink” Ramonita asked. “I like purple,” Bab told her before thinking of a question to ask. “How do you spend your free time? I like to read.” “In the castle, I didn't get to do much but read. But now, I think I'm going to practice my magic more. What is your strongest personal quality? I think mine is caring.” Ramonita said. “My magic. What are you most afraid of? I hate slimes” Bab told her. “To be honest, going back home after all this,” Ramonita told Bab with her smile fading but still trying to act happy. “Do you have a nickname? My mom likes to call me peachy because I love peaches.” “Some people used to call me the witch of storms, but that was a long time ago,” Bab told her and suddenly realized she said a little too much. And tried to think of something to ask before Ramonita asked anything further.  “What embarrasses you the most in front of other people? For me, it's using my diaper for number 2.” Bab said that a little too quickly and let up a little more embarrassing stuff then she would have liked. “I don't really know, I'm not around a lot of people often, but I was embarrassed when I peed in my diaper, but I also felt, weird,” she told Bab, not really knowing how she felt about it at the time. “If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently? For me, I would have run away from home a long time ago.”  “I don't really want to answer that question, can you ask a different one?” Bab asked. “Alright, then I have a different question for you. What do you think of Alex,” she asked Bab. “What do you mean?” Bab asked her not understanding the question. “I already know he’s from the other world and he was forced to make a bond with you. But what do you really think of him?” Ramonita asked and saw Bab have to really think about it. “He’s warm,” Bab said after a moment. “Warm?” Ramonita asked. “Yes. Alex isn't the smartest or the strongest. But I know he will always be there for me when I need him.” Bab said before thinking of something else about Alex. **************** “Frost!” I yelled and froze a monkey looking monster before Lauren hit it with the mace killing it. “I finally killed it!” Lauren claimed proudly.  For the last 30 minutes, he’s been chasing it after he was hit in the back of the head with a rock. But he now looked very proud of himself. “You're getting better, but I do think you fight better with your sword then mace. It's more balanced for you.” I tell him as I take the mace. “Hey Alex. why don't you have a weapon?” Lauren asked. “I haven't seen you use one. Only a stick or ice magic.” “I've had 3 swords but I sort of had bad luck with them. Two of them broke and my favorite sword was stolen from me. After my last one broke I don't think I want to have another sword right now.” I explained to him. “Then why don't you use one of the weapons in the basement?” he asked me. “Because none of them feel right to me. They are either too heavy or too light for me to use.” I tell him. “The ones with a good weight to them are the swords and bows. Both of which I don't want to use.”  “But what if we fight something strong?” Lauren asked. “I'm a hunter class with beast vision, I can see how strong the monsters are around here and stay away from them.” I explained to him “Now come on let's kill a few more monsters before we go back.” Lauren was getting better with each swing of his sword as I watched him from a safe distance. I was glad to use this time to train myself as well. My arm soon began to hurt and I knew we had to start heading back now, however before we got too far we both heard a loud screech. We immediately turned around to see one of the scariest things I could have ever seen. A big mama monkey monster swinging wildly at us. It was about the size of a small child and holding the monkey monster we killed not so long ago.  “Lauren stay back!” I yelled as I used my beast vision to see it was as strong as I was and I immediately started to fire off ice magic at it in hopes of killing it quickly but the monster was too quick and soon swung right into me and knocked me off of my feet. The monkey then tried to leap over me to get to the prince but I grabbed it by its tail and threw it back. it staggered a bit before getting its bearings but not before I got back on my feet and ready to fight. The monster let out another screech before leaping at me. This time I was ready and I punched it as hard as I could, but using its hind legs it grabbed my arm and came back to bite me on my shoulder.  I screamed out in pain and before I could do anything the monster leaped from me and over to Lauren. Lauren tried his best to defend himself but the monster was too much for him to handle and he was soon knocked to the ground with the monster beating and tearing at him. I quickly rushed over and using all the strength I had, kicked the monster off of him. The monster got up and screeched again but this time I threw 4 ice shards at it. 3 struck its body. “Lauren closes your eyes now,” I told the scared boy as he immediately did as he was told. I walked over to the monster. Weakly screeching at me as I got closer to it. The 3 ice shards hit it in a weak spot but didn't kill it. While the monster was what attacked us I wasn't going to let it suffer any unnecessary pain. So taking my knife I stabbed it through its heart. Putting it to rest. ************************* After a while, Lauren and I finally made it back to the cabin. Thanks to my regen the bite was slowly healing itself but I did notice how both Lauren’s and my clothes were completely trashed. Holes, rips, and blood all over them. How much damage could one monkey cause? After a quick shower and new change of clothes, I had to make a very big decision. To go to the nearest town and get some supplies or not. As of right now, we are golden on food and water. However as I look at Lauren now forced to wear my very baggy shirt, which looked like a nightgown on him, I knew we had to get him some new clothes. Plus with Ramonita using Bab’s diapers as well, we are almost out.  We just have a few big problems. First is that people might still be searching for us. Next, the nearest town is a 4-mile hike from the cabin, meaning I just can't go by myself to be safe and I can't leave the prince and princess alone without protection so I'll have to take all 3 kids. But that still left another big problem, and my worries only grew when Ramonita made just one comment. “I have an idea,” she said with a slightly evil grin... Alexander March
      Stats- lv20
      HP-100 (+4)
      Attack-54 (+3)
      Defence-40 (+5)
      Speed-59 (+2)
      Regen-13 (+1)
      Manna-57  class-hunter
      Skills-beast vision
      Weapons- knife
      partner-Bab Ados
      Stats- lv25-MAX
      HP-67 (+20)
      Defence-13 (+45)
      Speed-12 (+9)
      Regen-16 (+3)
      Manna-200 class-mage
      Skills-potion maker (new elixir maker)
      Ramonita Maynard
      Stats- lv12
      Attack- 21
      Defence- 22 (+100)
      Speed- 19
      Manna-27 class-princess
      Skills-royal blood
      Weapons- dagger
      Element- dark
      Partner- Lauren Thacker
      Stats- lv9
      Attack- 19
      Defence- 17
      Speed- 17
      Manna-18 class-prince
      Skills-royal blood
      Element- water
      Money ----
      gold  13) 
      silver  14)
      bronze  1)
      copper   8)
      ****************************** Sherry was pissed as she sat right in front of Aeva at a public restaurant. Aeva was completely done up, looking nothing like she had a few days ago during the fight. Even with all the wanted posters posted all over town, no one would have recognized her. The only reason Sherry was here was because Aeva personally called to her in the middle of a crowded street. Sherry wanted nothing more than to arrest this woman but she did nothing at the moment. If they were to fight here she knew there would be many people caught in the crossfire. “What do you want?” Sherry asked as she sipped some tea. Not once letting Aeva out of her sight. “We already got your master why don't you just turn yourself in now and tell us we're the princess is.” “You know I saw what you did the other day, how you let go of the boy's leg and let them go. You're very lucky no one else saw what happened.” Aeva told Sherry with a bright smile. “Let me guess, you want to blackmail me to help you break your master out of jail?” Sherry asked as she remembered her split-second decision to trust Alex when he told her he was trying to save them. “No, if master wanted out he could do that on his own. master wanted me to find someone to give the queen a special message,” she told sherry as she pulled out a bunch of letters tied together with a single string and placing them on the table. “And what is this?” Sherry asked not looking at them. “Master wanted a chance to talk to the queen but knew there would be no chance at that unless he was captured. If he was captured then someone would have undoubtedly got their hands on the evidence we have to prove Elroy was planning all of this.” Aeva told her “And you expect me to trust you?” Sherry asked her. “Only if you want to find the princess faster,” Aeva told her as she stood up from the table. Sherry could immediately feel the quick change in the air pressure around them and immediately knew this was Aeva's only real threat.  ‘Follow me and everyone here will die.’ “I’ll look into it,” Sherry said as she finally looked at the letters before looking back up to see Aeva and the air pressure gone like the wind.
    • Hailey went to make dinner not knowing what sane should eat so she made what zoey would eat.  Zoey played with her legos having a lot of fun.