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    • Look, dude, Angelica sued her parents in that one episode of Rug Rats, and it made sense because it's a cartoon. You can try, I guess, to sue your parents over this in real life but based on the info I have about you and about your parents, nobody is gonna take you seriously. It seems like the more advice you get, the more drama you reveal about your situation. They think you're bedwetting and want you to see a doctor, don't turn around and (try to) sue them. Jesus.  
    • Robert shook his head. She should be an age where that should embarrass her, but he decided not to say anything about it.  It was actually sort of cute.  Maybe somewhere deep inside, she was still his baby.
    • October looked over at Jason, and she frowned. "Am... am I in trouble?" she asked. She was nervous because she was wet, and afraid she was going to get scolded.  She forgot that yesterday, he had not raised his voice even once at her.   Adam put Imelda down and held her hand. "Well, maybe she got hungry.  Have you checked the kitchen?" He could see she wasn't in the living room. "I'll go down to the kitchen and check.  You go check up on the third floor and see if she's in the play area for the kids."   Anna finally got off of the toilet and came out of her room, so when Brenda was just about to go upstairs, she would see Anna standing by their door.   Robyn smiled at Jessica. "Did you sleep okay, honey?" She went to the dresser to start getting dressed.
    • Mike smiled at her. "Well, what is your favorite class this year, honey?" He looked over at April thinking she was being a little quiet.  
    • Yes I have children. Two of them and they are both potty trained. I still wear mine 24/7. I change in my bedroom or in the bathroom.    Kids are not going to care if you are wearing a diaper, they will forget about it because it will seem like they won't remember they caught you in one. Also get a lock on your door or teach them to knock before coming in. I don't think you need to give up happy meals or frozen kids meals. I also knew someone at work who liked coloring so don't give that up either. Also don't give up watching kids shows. Plenty of adults like Legos or coloring or kid shows they grew up with. I think it has a stigma it's considered a guilty pleasure and considered taboo so adults keep it a secret but when you go online, you see it everywhere because everyone is anonymous so they are open about it. This doesn't really need to be an AB thing.