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    • I turn my head away
    • Writer Disclaimer: Hi there, i want to thank the community here for so many wonderful stories and i thought i would try and provide my own story here. Please feel free to comment, as i will try my best here. - The story will be a bit slow in the beginning but i think i am teasing where this is going pretty obviously however i am expecting to do a few twists and collapse the world of our protagonist which is so far nameless and not even has a identified gender yet... perhaps a mistake.. i don't know first story i am writing here since school. Well enjoy and have a wonderful day.   Hello there I am your caretaker. (Prologue)   I was not myself these days, I had restless nights filled with horror of merely being alive, Mostly in thanks to this sudden change in my life, well it wasn't that sudden but i was unable to move forward after 6 months of being unemployed.... it was becoming necessary to do something drastic. Nearly no cash left in my bank account and nowhere to call for help with only the last bit of hope resting in my bank account a mere 100 dollars. I shrugged on my shoulders, how had it come to this? Before we continue let me rewind a bit, the year is 2030 and I was mostly doing fine… Well apart from being in a customer service working place, but the job I had let me work from home and the new mind device I could attach around my forehead made it possible for me to do other stuff while the signals from my brain solved each of the customers queries. Apparently one day the company decided to scramble that method and have a cloud computer handle all Customer interactions no humans was needed anymore other than engineers for troubleshooting if something went wrong. They were however close to figure out a way to get AI to solve all these issues themselves, or call on a Technical assistance robot with specialized protocols in those cases it was needed. Artificial intelligent, yeah that was the new Buzzword, being used in Media’s and CEO’s were surrounding it like eager children not able to get enough cake on their birthday. Hunger for extra opportunities in profit was never lost to the CEO and Capital dogs that wanted just a little more profit than there competition. AI’s were becoming more and more dominant, it was clear robots was the future in this new world we were to live in, however politics had left humans from the service and human interaction jobs were all replaced by robots people in those workplaces was expected to become something new and were called off, fired with nearly no compensation just a 1 year support program forced by governments to not send them on the street day one. It’s kind of hard to ask for 30-40+ aging guys to find new ways to improve themselves. If they worked with something for so long , usually you improve the skills you work as but as the entire work field was replaced many was left to have to seek completely alternative ways, changing rendering big parts of their lives working experience worthless, losing personalities and human values in the process. There were not many able to handle that shift and as such unemployment rates has raised dramatically the last few years around the world. I was becoming desperate, there needed to happen something, scrolling on “[email protected]” hunting if anything popped up, It wasn’t like I hadn’t done that thousands of times already, I was getting agitated turning page after page of absolutely garbage like we need a children caretaker for our little junior, or Pizza delivery boy with bit mustache” I was just about to shut my tablet when an odd article and job description caught my eye, “Seeking a highly motivated employ with Children language“ That’s odd…” I thought, “it must be some kind of typo” But after sometime I realised the text wasn’t changing, I really was looking at a job description that says it needs one who can speak children language, I have no idea how you can even prove or get a degree in that other than being a caretaker yourself, I continued reading the job description, Seeking a highly motivated employ with Children language. Our client is searching for a employ that can handle being in a non-stressed environment delivering verbal level of interaction on a level as a child, can handle not having to do much for a whole day and being lazy, laying around perhaps playing some games, the client will have power to restrict certain behaviours from employs or be forceful but it wouldn’t do anything to harm a employ otherwise there is a damage fee of 100.000 dollars to be paid to the employ after said violation has been proven to supervisor of the employ in question. Our client has lots of benefits and are currently top 10 of global thriving companies with focus on advanced AI development and cloud servicing computer engineering Please click on button to apply with your CV and a small email for personal reference. Or write to our contact person for more info about the job.   Hmm, well it sounds fun, let’s go for it! I thought again that it might have been Chinese language that they meant, in that case I wasn’t expecting much response back from the employ, "My CV clearly stated that i was none Chinese speaking for fun and giggles i added next to fluent english a "Fluent children with extra specialization in babies alphabets" under my language section". I will however be excited for what the recruiter or who that reads my CV will think about that custom added specialization, amusing myself wrote a quick email and sent my CV and decided to go to bed. As it was becoming rather late already.
    • Eve was kind of quiet at dinner. Cassie noticed as did Adam and Leeza. Leeza came and asked is mommy alright. Ysah I am said Eve. Leeza crawled in her lap. I love mommy I don't want her to be sad! Are you mad at me she asked? No princess I am not mad at you! Are you mad at daddy? Not him either said Eve. If you must know I'm mad at myself said Eve. What did you do asked Leeza? Cassie came and said bet I know, can I talk to your mommy alone please. Leeza looked concerned but said okay as long as mommy gets happy. Cassie said you've been wearing diapers for about 2 weeks straight now and your finding that your losing control! How did you kn I owe asked Eve? It happened to me the same way, after Katie introduced me to diapers I loved wearing them and her. You knew we are lovers don't you? No said Eve I didn't know. Well we are! The former Mrs Anderson, knew tried to make our lives hell. I was going through that as well as losing my control as weĺl. That was about the time Mr. Anderson kicked her to the curb. We for ones were greatful.  But still I couldn't keep my diapers dry day or night. What happened asked Eve? We decided that for real I was more like Katie now and we loved each other and Mrs. Anders I n was out of our life, we hoped for good. I lived with it. Other than losing control I got what I wanted. I was more like Cassie, whom I really love. I get to be her baby for real now, something she wants and I'm pretty sure Mr. Anderson wants, of you! He never looked at the former Mrs. Anderson like he looks at you, or her look at him, like you look at him. So you have a bad past. So do we, we're having to play coworkers, when we're madly in love with each other. When your in your bed were in ours making love just like you two! We think it's great that Mr. Anderson is so happy again! We know it's because he gets to baby you. That's all he's wanted was a wife to baby and play baby with. The former Mrs. Anderson was about as huggable as a cactus! Not only for her two girls but her husband as well. Why do you think the gir like s love you so much? You show love to them! They are like sponges they have never gotten so much love in a few short weeks that she never gave in their lifetime! Leeza wants more and more. Lindsey is the same way! That's why they interact with you the way they do. You give them love, unconditional love! That's what they give back to you unconditional love. You might of lost control of your bladder, but look what you have gained. The love of a hurt man. He was hurting. Two perfect girls! Your right they are perfect said Eve. Adam ways hurt his mom told me when during the divorce Leanne blabbed about his bedwetting. That's another thing said Cassie. We were sure you would never pass muster with them but you did! We love you because you don't treat us like were second class people you see us as friends. We're so glad you came into our lives and especially these girls lives. Your just what the doctor ordered. For everybody! You touch people's lives for the better. We think you must be part angel, we're waiting for the time you get called back to heaven. No I'm just as mortal as you are nothing even that spiritual about me said Eve. Well what ever it is keep king it out. We need it!
    • hmm howbout some chicken and gravy babyfood