LL Medico Diapers and More Bambino Adult Baby Diapers

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    • LOL!  Since the ship moves forward, if the head hatch was in the bow all the poop would splatter back on the ship's bow!  With the head hatch in the stern, you could do you business and it will just float away astern of the ship!  Like "chumming" but I don't know for what fish!
    • Hi-if I post something for sale in the store can I later delete my post (once it's sold)?  Just figuring it would save everyone trouble...and frankly I don't want to be getting PMs months later nor be "that guy" that leaves everyone hanging...  Thanks!!!  Joe
    • Your life sounds a lot like mine with the exception that my mom diapered me for bed every night in cloth diapers and plastic pants, which she also called "rubber pants".  I also wet the bed until I was about 6 years old and in my teens did the multiple underpants and plastic bags.  The other difference is I grew up as a DL, not AB and have no interest in baby stuff, just diapers.
    • Este unul dintre românii care îi place să poarte scutece sau un copil sau adult Diaperlover?