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    • As a caregiver for people, some of them rather big, the trick I've heard over and over, is crisscross the tapes.  That means, pull the lower tapes more parallel, and the top tapes more downward when taping the diaper.  They also almost always use insert pads to help absorb the liquid.  If yo uare a guy, use two inserts.  Wrap one insert around your pee pee and then put the second pad, broad side in front over that before closing the diaper.  That helps with leaks.   If you are girl/woman, put the broad part in the back because pee is more likely to leak back that way on you, according to the people I work with. Another thing you can try.  put the back end of the diaper over your butt the way you want, and then lie on the side that you are not taping yet to keep it tight.  Pull the top side tight and tape it, the bottom tape first.  Roll over and keep that tight while you do the other lowerside, and then the upper.  Roll back over and fix the top tape, and that might help keep it tight since your side is putting pressure on one side.  It maybe best to lay on a firm bed or the floor rather than a soft bed to try this trick.
    • Bradley was unsnapping her snaps, when he got to the fourth snap or so to go, she suddenly collapsed and started to cry and appologize.  As soon as she appologized, he knew what was happening, and he felt her bottom and the wetness inside made it warm so he knew he was right. He pulled her into a hug, pulling her on his lap as they sat on the floor. "Sarah, you're not the first one to have an accident like this.  The suits have heavy duty snaps to make sure that chemicals don't get through because sometimes, the chemicals are dangerous, but that does mean it takes some doing to get them undone.  That's why you really should tell me as soon as you have to go from now on so you don't have this problem all the time, okay?" He rocked her a little bit. "I know how you feel, honey, but it's not such a big deal.  I can clean the suit, and your clothes should be dry by now, so you can change.  No one has to know you didn't make it this time, okay?" He patted her thigh as he tried to talk her down with her in his lap. By now, the liquid was starting to seep through, getting on his suit, but the suits were waterproof from the outside, so that his own suit would just have the liquid cascade, eventually, down and off of him.
    • My tummy protrudes way too much now What I've had to do is to fold the outer cover inside down to the padding in front to keep the diaper from sagging in the middle. You can do that in the rear as well. It makes a world of difference in fit Bettypooh
    • Sarah let Dr. Kool in still crying and dancing frustrated. "Please hurry Doctor I dont know if I can hold it much longer!" Sarah cried out as he was only about half way done, that's when it hit her. Between her dancing fit and him jerking the snaps apart Sarah lost her fight. Dr.Kool had a few snaps left when the flood gates opened, while he was still holding the back of her suit Sarah wet no flooded her panties and science suit as she collapsed into a ball and cried and sobbed "I I I'm sssssooo sorrrrrrryyyyyyy Dr. Kool! I'm so sorry! Wahhhhhhhhh!" Sarah cried in defeat feeling like she upset the professor for peeing in his suit and felt like she looked like such a baby.
    • Of manufactured goods, you can bet your butt that Disney royalties were paid before they got to market. They're very possessive about their ownership rights and who they license them to. Bettypooh