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    • Welcome and nice introduction by the way. Nice to see someone closer to my age for a change. I too signed up here looking for friends and support and everyone here has been very friendly and helpful. 
    • I don't know what you mean by proper, but swim diapers for adults have been available for decades.     The Gabby pool pant has been out there for a long time (both in the pull on and the "diaper" format).    There have been a number of other reusable products as well.    Tranquility has had their disposable Swimmates on the market for a couple of years.
    • Sarah slid down the slide and climbed out and sat with her mommy. She cuddled up to her. ”Mommy I’m hungry”  
    • Hailey watched Sarah play on the wall. She looked at her phone she got a message from Sarah real mom saying she hadn’t heard from Sarah for a couple years now. Hailey didn’t know what to say about that so she just looked at Sarah.

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    • Hey, your last topic was about wanting to stop this, and this one is the opposite, I'm wondering if you're going through the common purge and binge cycle. There's a good post here http://understanding.infantilism.org/binge-purge_cycle.php it certainly put things in perspective for me when I used to go through this.