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    • That's definitley a good way of looking at things.  If more people would just follow that mindset, there would probably be 90% less wars, terrorists, and other things like that.
    • Ashley said, "I agree hun. I just hope they do good in daycare. Grace is attached to you as Zack is to me." She stroked her wife's hand.  Grace stayed asleep and sucked on her pacifier. 
    • Terry sees his daughter in law and son wanting to go in "Leave her, she needs to learn that she can't act up if she doesn't get her own way, it's the only way she will learn"
    • Danny smiles at her and waves "Hi Miss Taylor" I smile back to him and offer him a ride home, which he gratefully accepts. I secretly got a 2nd car seat and placed it in the back of the car next to the one for Tain "in you get little ones" I smile.      
    • Danny was a 18yr old, just turned 18, but not very mature for his age, he still liked to play with cars and do all the things a boy would do. He had a secret fetish for diapers, he loved the feel of them but he longed to wear them full time and not have to use the bathroom. He would only use his diapers for wetting because he didn't want to lose control of his bowels. Unbeknown to him, his nanny had a plan to get him into diapers full time. Danny was asleep, slowly being put back a few more years that what he normally regresses to...... he woke up suddenly, he had a bad dream, and for worse he had completely filled his diaper.