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    • "That's right, you are!" Chloe cooed, slipping spoonful after spoonful of the baby food in Kayla's mouth. Some of the food ran down Kayla's chin and onto the bib. Chloe used a burp rag to wipe off Kayla's mouth. When she had finished the first jar of baby food, Chloe picked up the bottle and held it so Kayla could drink.   
    • My girlfriend is incontinent and when we were broke we experimented with cheap diapers, Depends with tabs specifically. Around that time she was normally wearing DC Amor or Bambino most of the time. What we found is she'd go through 5-7 Depends in one day, not including the night. Part of this was their low capacity but they also started to feel gross and uncomfortable long before they were fully used. In the same time she'd go through one or maybe two of the Amor or Bambino. On top of that in a fairly short period of time the Depends started giving her rashes which, before, almost never happened. In fact it hasn't happened again since and this experiment was over a year ago. I'm only comparing the days as she always has to wear something better at night otherwise we have a wet bed. So in conclusion— • The Depends cost about $3.50-$5 a day and would cause rashes. • The Amor or Bambino would cost about $2-4 a day, required less work from me changing her, and never gave her rashes. The choice was pretty clear even when we were having trouble paying rent. Now we use a variety of different things as she likes having choices. Equates it to wearing different underwear which I think makes perfect sense. We use Amor, Rearz, Aww So Cute, Dottie, and ABU. We stopped using Bambino after we had a huge shipping issue with them.
    • Hailey knew Kayla like her pacifier just buy the way she sucked it. She rocked and patted Kayla back. " it's okay just calm down honey " Hailey says to Kayla then starts to coo softly.

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    • "No it won't it can't be!" she cried as Hailey rocked her at first Kayla wouldn't open for the pacifier but she knew it was either that or a spanking so she opened and soon she was calmed down.. No one knew but Kayla didn't give up her pacifier until she was five and now she had it back it was like something awoke inside her.