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    • So now it has been...  (Let me count my fingers and toes...)  21 days?    Still going strong?  (Har har..)  No problems?
    • reviving this old thread. But a long while ago I managed to get the diaper mod working for Sims 3, but in the end it isn't worth it, just a simple re-texturing of underwear.   suppose it just a pipe dream really that a good Diaper based experience can happen in a game.
    • I usually wear thick cloth diapers and plastic pants, but when convenient will wear Dry 24/7 disposables
    • For me this play wouldn't be exciting at all if there was no risk of leaking or people noticing the diaper bulge in my trousers. But when it really happens the embarrasment is not much fun. Like InD said, incontinence: love it, hate it!  Sitting in the train this morning I suddenly started to wet heavily (when seated this only happens when the bladder is almost full) and I quickly had to change my position as the pee started accumulating too much at the front of my diaper, so I lifted my butt a little and spread my legs legs a little to allow the pee to flow to the backside of my diaper. Not a very usual move when sitting in the train, so some people clearly watched me doing this.   Made me think how crazy I really am. Who on earth makes himself incontinent so he suddenly starts to wet his diaper in a train?  But I like it so much, this will always be a part of who I am, and as long as I don't intrude upon someone in a forceful way I think it is pretty harmless.