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    • Got it and read it already. A great read!
    • Mapybe wearing clothdiaper and rubber locking pants anedtied down. Definitely with a ping pong paddle. Just typing this gets me excited. 
    • Annie still followed me around like a lost puppy, she just wanted to know that I loved her in a non sexual way. At times the girl she had been rose to the surface. She would get sexual around me. I had to remind he that she didn't have to do that, I reminded her that she was a teenager and I wasn't! I always made sure I gave her a fatherly hug after these rebukes. We were just getting comfortable with Annie being in our home when Mr. English showed up with a woman that we didn't know. "This is Dr. Fredricks she is a psychologist. Annie we have some bad news. Your father was killed in jail somehow the other inmates found out about your dad and you. They dispensed their own justice he was beaten to death before the Security Officers could stop it. Even if they could of he would of never been the same his brain was injured." "No!" Said Annie. She came to me and cried in my shoulder.  "We also have good news, said Mr. English, we found your mother in Ogden, Utah. It was difficult she has remarried, new name and all. She wants you to come live with her." "I don't want to go, I want to stay here with my new mom and dad! I know they love me and not like my old dad loved me! I dont remember her even. I was only 5 when she left. She didn't love me enough to take me with her then! Why should I go with her now?" Mr. English smiled. "We have talked with your mom she was just verily able to get away from your dad, he wanted to kill her, she said her biggest regret in life was leaving you and your brother with that monster. She has feared for your lives every day. When we contacted her she thought you guys had been killed by your dad. She was so happy that you were still alive, you and Mark are both going to live with her." "Me and Mark?" "That's right you and Mark, your mom is looking forward to your coming!" Mr. English said. "What's her new husband like, I don't want to do those things I used to gave to do to my dad. I trust this dad, he won't hurt me!" "I can't promise you anything but they have a daughter a little younger than you and Mark. She said if she ever caught her husband doing what your dad did to you she would send him packing after, uhm... she did some surgery on him." "She would cut his penis off?" Annie asked. "Yeah that's what she said," Mr. English blushed. "Dr. Fredricks will talk to you about how you feel about your dad dying help you process your feelings!" Annie went and talked to Dr. Fredricks. They talked for an hour almost. She came back looking perplexed! "Are you sure that's the same Annie that I talked to 4 months ago. That girl was foul mouthed and just couldn't see where her dad had done anything wrong. This girl is nothing like that girl she is polite, she understands her dad was no where near perfect now. She likes you Mr. Jenson, she doesn't see you like her father, in a sexual way she loves you because you aren't like him. I've rarely seen a turn around like this in just a few short months. This usually takes a couple of years. Sometimes several!" "Annie realized something all of her friends at school weren't treated like she was, she was coming to that realization when she got here. She still had relapses but I flatly told her no! But then I would hug her like a real father should after a rebuke. My dad was a master at that every time we would get in trouble dad would tell us how much he loved us after we were spanked or grounded. He made sure we knew he wasn't the enemy! Unlike many kids of my generation I never hated my father. Even after a punishment." "Whatever it was it worked with Annie." Said Dr. Fredricks. Annie was told that her mom would be here in 4 days to pick her up. For me 4 days didn't seem long enough to say goodbye!