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    • I voted for the Rearz Safari. I also love the Bambino Belissimo as well.
    • Twelve years old? That's ridiculous...She is so much more mature than that! But she keeps what he said in mind, she would rather be treated as a twelve year old than a five year old. She would rather ask nicely to use the 'bathroom,' over asking nicely to use the 'potty.' Asking is bad enough as it is , but might as well make it less embarrassing than she possibly can! Besides, it will never ever happen again. Right? 
      "Ok, I will ask nicely, I am sorry if I was rude," she says buut her eyes are on the panties and short on full easy display. "Do a lot of your students have accidents? That's why you have extra clothes right?" she asks before blinking and realizing he was asking a question.   "Ah! Sorry...Um..." she looks to the notes and wonders what they were talking about. "Oh! F-Four hundred t-times a hundred...?" she asks messing up already. "A-a million right?"
    • She walked over to clerk with Jackie as she was suppose to since she was being treated like a 10 year old girl. She listened and was sad when she heard then didn't have bathroom. She sat back she didn't have to go that bad. I can hold she thought to herself.  Shortly after the pizza we're done.She grabbed Jackie hand and led to the car. On the way back to the house she leaked a little in her pants.  " Jackie umm I leaked a little in my pants please don't be mad" Brittany said not knowing is she would be mad or not.  ---  Brooke hugged sumitro for a couple more seconds then finally let go. She was still disappointed in herself when she had to scold  Susie which she didn't want to. She was hoping soon sumie would tAke to the treatment. Then she heard sumie say she would do it.   " yes I do want a baby that's why I'm treating you younger. I would love you to be my baby I wouldn't do it in public and at school you could act like a regular teenage. Just ate home I would like you to act 4 or 5" Brooke said.  She was so happy that she had her baby now. 
    • Jackie hoped the opposite, but she got up and took her little girl by the hand anyway to go ask. "I'm sorry.  We are not equipped to hand that volume of people that come in all the time, so no, we have no public bathrooms.  Normally, the wait isn't too long, and your pizza will be done shortly.  I promise." He smiled at the ladies not thinking one was a child. Jackie smiled and took Brittany's hand. "I'm sorry, honey.  You'll just have to wait until we get home, sweetie.  You can wait if you are a big girl." She actually hoped the girl would leak on herself, but not have a full accident, then she would have a reason to treat her like a kid, but not a complete toddler.  She wasn't looking for a toddler after all, just a ten year old kid that sometimes wets her pants because she can't control herself for some reason.  The reason didn't matter to her as long as it wasn't medical or something easy to explain away giving the girl back her adult status.   Sumie looked up at Brooke completely at a loss.  She didn't understand English in the best of times, and now, more than ever, she felt she had to be confusing something.  Was Brooke thinking she was really a little kid that needed all of this, or was she just treating her this way for some desire to have a kid she can't have?  What was it? Sumie shook her head.  Something was wrong with both explanations.  Neither one made any sense, and all she did was spill a glass, so that didn't make sense either for her being wiped by the other girl like a toddler. "Do you want a baby?" Sumie finally asked.  "Do you want that I am a baby to you?" she asked. She fidgeted. "I am baby for you, can I not a baby in public at school with friend?" she asked.
    • Thanks for the update, enjoyed it