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    • Wow, okay. You pretty much-twisted everything I said in some condescending way, which was not my intention at all. *sigh* I wasn't judging you, I was trying to be nice and have a conversation with someone, sharing my thoughts and feelings on the subject, of course, everyone has their own opinions. I think it could have been a healthy discussion. it's obvious you still have a lot of healing left to go and are still rather defensive/sensitive about this type of topic (again, NOT trying to sound condescending/rude) I did write some more, but I deleted it, as there isn't any point. It'll just add fuel to the fire and there is no point to that. I wish you the very best in life, hope things work out the way they should. No hard feelings from me. I apologize if I struck a nerve, wasn't my intention.
    • Hey!
      Thanks for the tip!  I usually bring little diaper bags to put them in so that when they do sort they know what it is without having to handle a dirty diaper.  I only wet my diapers on the cruise except for the last night, when it's a full out mess.  Gotta finish with a bang!
    • Lily finished the story seeing Danny asleep she kissed him on his forehead and quietly left the room   aurora just snuggled into her daddy her tears coming to a stop
    • “ I’m ok daddy.” She said as the back end of her diaper began to fill up
    • Aurora finished her meal and got up she pushed a bit letting the rest of the poop out and a long stream of pee