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    • I feel like no one is considering the points I've raised But I've already been having the same meal every day for over a dozen years. It did suck out most of the sexual aspects of diapers, but that's something I wanted as well. There are certainly people who have never gone 24/7, but warning them serves no purpose. They won't be intentionally able to become incontinent without first living it 24/7 for a year or more. They'll have plenty of time to realize the downsides on their own. And even then, it's very unlikely they will ever be able to become incontinent anyway. It's like if this were a "furries-support" forum, and people kept coming in and saying, "dude you don't really want to become an anthropomorphic wolf. If you spoke, humans would want to run lots of experiments on you and imprison you, or hunters would come after you. You wouldn't be able to get a job, the fur would probably be really warm, nobody would sell you a house, it'd be a lot harder to find a partner..." Seriously, name one case of a person who wanted to become incontinent, worked at it voluntarily, became incontinent through natural means, regrets it, and can't simply retrain themselves again now. It doesn't exist. There's plenty of people who have had accidents that have made them incontinent. But guess what? They'd be incontinent now whether they had those desires before or not. It helps to prevent leaks by going more often and in smaller amounts. Dribbling instead of flooding. It also leads to better sleep when you're not woken up at night to go the bathroom. But you're right, there are more negatives than positives. It's important to shave or trim down there regularly if wearing 24/7. The odor seeps into the hairs otherwise. My ideal fantasy isn't being forced to be incontinent. It's being able to void automatically when I want to. To not have my bladder fill up until I notice it, but now I really have to go. If we could have that state (which doesn't exist), then you could experience incontinence for a weekend, turn it back off and go to work on the weekdays. Stents are the closest to this, but those do have some actual risks. Minimal, but still present. What decision can someone at 19 make that will render them incontinent for the rest of their lives without any control? You're worried about a hypothetical that can't ever happen How many of those became incontinent voluntarily? And why can't those people simply retrain themselves? And lots of people don't understand why a person would want to wear diapers at all. After all, diapers are expensive even when used less frequently! They contribute to environmental waste! They're gross and smelly and for babies! You could get painful rashes! The heat can lead to infertility! Potential mates will likely be turned off and maybe even leave you over it! You'll have to buy loose-fit clothing to wear them in public! What if they get exposed? Others will make fun of you! Wearing even short-term, they could leak and that could be embarrassing! What if you run for public office and someone finds out about your online purchases? Have to explain it to the news! Sounds like wearing diapers is a really bad idea, doesn't it? I very much doubt I will want to be incontinent past 60 or so, when it starts to become very painful just to move. You need a lot of flexibility to change your own diaper. But the grand irony is that I'll probably become naturally incontinent right around that time. So i'll be continent when I don't want to be, and incontinent when I don't want to be. There's no winning for me
    • Welcome aboard Jane W always nice to see a new face
    • Alex thought about asking Elaine for help and not just help but how to be a good big sister as she thought about what to say she could here Alice still sobbing and sniffling and it made her hart hurt to hear Alice crying then Alex just thought that she is going to see Alice naked just like Alice is going to see her naked Alex face went red at the thought of it 
    • Elaine nodded and got the bubble bath and added it in alone with different bath toys so Alex couldn't get bored also once the bath was done she went to get the girls    Alex froze when Alice said she didn't know what to do she couldn't be a big sister she wasn't good to her self now that she was older how could she be good for someone else she was glad when she saw Elaine and gave her thank god your here help me look    "come on girls it bath time " Elaine says picking up both girls