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    • The hospital staff wasn't told that Robyn had wet until the orderly caught her leaving. At that point Allen made a good choice and just rushed her home on the towel. Plus, it was a bad "piddle" not a full on soaking... Chapter 13 is in the works, but i'm at the end of my original plot outline... hahaha  So I'm taking a little time to layout the next few chapters. If you have any ideas, hopes, or suggestions please feel free to message me. 
    • Thank You so much. I know I am at that stage of my life where sexual behavior is not important to my life as it once was even just back when I was in my 50's. So like you said and it was really brought to the forefront when my husband passed away the fear of loneliness and the need for a companion and good company. Now bring in Lexi who is 23 years old and entering the prime of her sexual years. This is why in the back of my head that I know that with  this intelligent young lady there will come a time that she will want to go down another road and maybe start her college career path, meet a guy, start a family. When that time comes whenever it may be in 5 years, 10 Years, or longer I will support her 100%. I also know when I reach into my 80's if I make it that far I am not going to be wanting to do this. The main thing is my life is already for the better because no matter what path Lexi chooses in the future or if she does choose to stay an AB until I give up being a mommy I will have met an incredible young lady and she will be apart of my life for the rest of my life no matter what road she decides to take in the future. 
    • hmm i start thinking of that dream and what could it mean
    • I tried to hold on to a pair of loafers, my first pair, but my Mom would keep throwing them out.  I would keep digging them out of the trash can or wherever she put them to be thrown out.  She finally told me,  These are too Little For You. Damn! If you can't keep your shoes from being thrown out and your Mom gives your toys away to relatives, other, you lose part of your memories. Not too many things from my childhood survived, and those that went through that holocaust, my younger sister has.
    • Mya stayed still as she was changed. She didn’t mind a diaper any more it was getting normal.  “ yeah I get to play. I was playing House with my barbies “ mya told. Mya couldn’t wait to play with her toys