Mommy checks her Babys Diapers POV

The begining of a sweet little video I did with my real baby play friend. I check his Diapers and change him before bed. The video lost some of it\'s quality during compression but you can see the whole thing in high quality on my website You can check out the video library on my tour page as well, which has descriptions and run times. I have been working really hard on my site and it is 100% made by and featuring REAL ABDLs. I hope you can tell How much I love it :-) -Apple

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  ab mommy  mommy  pov  ab boy  abdl  real  diapers  change  check  nursery  apple  regression  age play  sweet  

ab mommy, mommy, pov, ab boy, abdl, real, diapers, change, check, nursery, apple, regression, age play, sweet

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