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Two Choices Chapter 7 1/11

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I'm so glad you aren't rushing this story. It allows us to savoir every step of the regression.

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I am loving the story. While I can kind of understand why Candy is doing this to Michelle, her method is still bothering me greatly. I feel horrible for how Michelle is being treated. Candy obviously cared enough about her to hire someone to watch her but then to shove it all back in her face and then add onto it is downright abusing her and she should be suitably punished for it. I want Michelle to run away and go find someone who will really care for her. Any time a story can generate this kind of emotion in me you know it is a great story. I do wish to continue reading and hopefully seeing some relief for Michelle. 

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    Everyone was sitting around the table. Candy guided Michelle to a chair that was between Abby and Gail. Candy pulled the chair out and helped  Michelle up. Michelle winced when her bum hit the hard surface. Candy pushed the chair up, very close to the table.

    Michelle looked to her left then her right. She felt so small sitting between the two girls. Her thick panties and her very sore butt, made her feel smaller.  Aunt Kim brought over a plastic plate with a hot dog cut up into three pieces. Beside the hot dog is mac'n cheese. 

    "Be careful honey, don't spill on your clothes." Kim said, as ruffled Michelle's hair. 

    Candy set a pink plastic cup filled with milk and placed it, in the middle of the table, right in front of Michelle. Michelle looked up at her mother, then back at the pink cup. There was no way she would be able to reach the cup. Michelle tried to get it, but she was about four inches away. She see's Abby's hand take the cup and it came towards her face. 

    "Two hands please." Abby said, holding the cup out in front of Michelle. 

    Michelle gave Abby a look, but said nothing. Her very sore bum made her think twice about saying anything. Michelle took the cup in both hands. She drank until the cup was almost empty. Something about the milk tasted really good. Being very thirsty helped as well.   

    Candy stood behind Michelle watching.  She reached over and took the cup from Michelle's hands. "Let's eat some food please, before you fill up on milk." 

    Michelle tried to look back behind her, but she was to close to the table to get turned around. Michelle pickup a piece of the hot dog and took a bite. She didn't feel very hungry and the moment but she ate anyway.  It wasn't until after she finished two pieces of the hot dog that her mother return a full cup of milk to her. 

    Michelle was the last to finish her food. Everyone else was done and talking about what they should do this afternoon. Michelle had drank two cups of milk and ate all of her food. As she sat there, her eye lids started to get very heavy. She yawned a couple times. She felt like she could fall asleep right there at the table. The days events had worn the poor girl out. 

    Abby noticed how tried Michelle was. "Aunt Candy, I think Michelle might need to have a little nap. She can hardly keep her eyes open." 

    Candy knew that between the early morning, the swimming and the quarter of a sleeping pill,  there was no way the girl would be able to stay awake. "Would you be a dear and take her upstairs to bed for me. I should help clean up." 

    Abby quickly jump up and  pulled Michelle's chair out from the table. "Come on sleepy head. Lets get you down for a nap." 

    Michelle was so tried she hardly know what was happening. All of a sudden her chair was being moved and Abby was holding her hand. She said nothing, as Abby lead her back up the stairs and into the bedroom. 

    Abby pulled the covers back on the bed and placed Michelle on it. The bed crinkled and Abby smiled. Michelle's eyes were closed as Abby put fingers in each side of Michelle's shorts and pulled them off her. Abby laughed quietly at the thick training panties. Abby pulled the covers up over her. "Have a good nap baby." Abby kissed Michelle on the forehead. Michelle didn't move, she was already fast asleep.

    "Michelle honey, wake up." Candy said, shaking the girl a little. 

    It took a bit for Michelle to open her eyes. It felt like she had just closed them. She still felt tried. "A little longer." 

    "No, if I let you sleep now, I will never get you to sleep tonight. Come on. We are all going for a walk." Candy pulled the covers off Michelle and placed her hand on the training panties. Candy thought with the two cups of milk, Michelle would be wet, but her training pants were dry.  

    "Please Mommy, I need to sleep longer." 

    "Your not staying here by yourself, so come on, let's go." Candy had no intension on getting Michelle out of bed, since she was dry. Candy knew the longer she slept, the better chance of her wetting.  Candy headed back down stairs. 

    "Is she still sleeping?" Kim asked. 

    "I'm a afraid so. I don't think she can go for a walk." 

    Abby stepped forward. "I can stay with her. You go for the walk." 

    "Thank you Abby."

    "Sure thing Aunt Candy." 

    "If she is wet when she wakes, I leave it up to you, on how to handle it." Candy said. 

    Abby smiled. "Oh, no problem Aunt Candy." 

    Abby ran up the stairs into Michelle's bedroom. The little girl was snoring quietly. Abby recached under the covers and felt Michelle's training pants. Abby was hoping little Michelle would wet in her sleep, but nothing yet. 

    Abby let Michelle sleep for over a hour longer. She walked  into the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed. She slowly reached under the blankets and sure enough, Michelle had peed the bed. This was going to be fun, she thought. "Michelle baby, you need to wake up." Abby placed her hand on Michelle's shoulder and started shaking her. "Baby, you need to get up." 

    Michelle slowly opened her eyes. They closed and opened quickly for a few seconds. "Where am I?" she said quietly. 

    "At the cottage silly. Come on, you need to get up." Abby pulled the covers away from Michelle. She looked  down at the soaking wet training pants that couldn't contain everything Michelle had put into them. The sheet under her,  was wet as well.  "Ohhhhh baby. You made pee pee in the bed!" 

    Michelle's eyes opened quickly. She looked down at her waist. Her panties and the bed were soaked. Michelle let her head fall back onto her pillow and she closed her eyes. 'Not now. Why, why why' Michelle thought.

    "Wait here." Abby said, standing back up and returned with a warm wash cloth. "Can you stand for me?" 

    Michelle slowly got out of bed and stood beside it. She was so upset with herself. Here was her younger cousin helping her, because she had wet the bed. She was never going to hear the end of it. 

    "Still wetting the bed I see. Doesn't Mommy put you in pampers when you sleep?" Abby asked, standing in front of her. 

    Michelle lowered her head, "No."   

    "No? Maybe Mommy should be putting her little girl into a nice thick pampers for night night." Abby let that stand for a few seconds. "Is mommy going with you to University?" 

    Michelle's head quickly came up. "No! Of course not." 

    "No? Then who is going to clean the baby up? Your roommate?" 

    "I'm not a baby!' Michelle screamed out. 

    Abby started to laugh. "Really? I think you're just a little girl trying to act like a big girl. You're standing here, in very wet training pants." 

    "That doesn't make me a baby!" Michelle said, not really convinced of that. 

    Abby shook her head. "Oh Michelle. How will you ever get along by yourself. I understand you still have a babysitter.  Now step out of your training pants please and set them on the bed." 

    Michelle just looked at Abby. She didn't know what to say. Abby knew about Tracy? Had her mother told the whole world. Michelle quickly  grabbed the sides of her wet panties, wanting to get out of them. She pulled them down and stepped out. 

    "Good girl. Now use this to clean yourself up." Abby handed Michelle the wash cloth. Abby went over to the dresser as Michelle wiped herself. Opening the dresser, Abby took a  pink disposable training pant out. She walked back over to Michelle. Abby took the wash cloth from Michelle and held out the pink training pants. 

    Michelle looked at the training pants. "I'm not wearing those. Find me something else." 

    Abby turned and went back to the dresser. Training pants on the left and diapers  on the right. Abby picked up a white diaper and quickly turned back towards Michelle. 

    "Here are your choices baby girl.  You can put the pull-ups on yourself or I can diaper you. What's it going to be?" 

    Michelle looked and the diaper, then the pull-up. "Come on Abby, just find me some real underwear. I'm not wearing either." 

    Abby started to laugh. "Real underwear? That's funny. Look at the bed baby. Tell me what you see." 

    Michelle lowered her head. She didn't have to look to see what Abby was getting at. "That's only when I'm sleeping." 

    Abby laughed again. "That's not what I've heard. Didn't baby Michelle pee in her pants at the Taylor Swift concert?" 

    Michelle felt tears forming in her eyes once again.  Her mother had told everyone? "It wasn't at the concert." 

    "But it did happen didn't it? Doesn't really matter when or where, does it? Why don't you make life easier on your Mommy. I'm sure she's tired of  having to wash all your pee soaked clothes." 
    That really hit Michelle hard. It's not her mother's fault she has trouble controlling her bladder. It was her own fault. Michelle examined the pull-up for a few seconds.  She slowly reached out and took the pull-up from Abby's hand. Michelle took it from the  sides and lowered them. She stepped into the pull-up  and pulled them up. A few tears rolled down her cheeks when she finally got them around her waist. 

    Abby smiled wide  and placed her hand on Michelle's shoulder. "Good girl. I think we both know this is for the best." 

    Michelle didn't look up. She stared at the Princess on the front of her new panties. Abby went to the closest and took out and purple sundress. She walked back over to Michelle and handed it to her. 

    Michelle waisted no time pulling the dress over her head, wanting to cover up her training pants in the worst way. 

    "Okay, now get the bottom sheet and your wet training pants. We need to get them in the washer." 

    Michelle turned to take the sheet off the bed. Her pull-up crinkled as she did. Memories of wearing the same thing, not all that long ago filled her head. The bedwetting pants her mother made her wear every night were just the same. Michelle took the sheet and rolled it up, placing the wet, cloth training pants on top. 

    "All set baby?" Abby asked. 

    Michelle nodded her head and followed Abby down the stairs and into the laundry room. 

    "Put them in the washer baby. We should  wait for your Mommy to get back to make sure you don't have any other clothes she needs to wash." 

    Michelle dumped the sheet and panties into the top of the washer. "She doesn't" 

    Abby placed her hands on her hips. "Are you sure baby? You didn't have a accident on the way here?" 

    "No I didn't." 

    Abby grabbed Michelle's hand. "Well, I guess miracles do happen. Such a good girl." Abby said, pulling Michelle out to the family room. 

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The premise of this story is amazing! Very well-written. The pace is just enough to keep me wanting more, but also satisfying enough that I'm not disappointed :) super good read so far!

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actually feel a little sorry for Michelle.  But Im really enjoying the story.  cant wait for more

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I feel bad for Michelle too. However, that's exactly why this story is so riveting. Please don't ease up with her treatment. It's delicious andf I find myself checking the forums several times every day just to see if more has been posted.

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Great story. Looking forward to the next part

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 Very well written!

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I really liked the newest addition. I still feel really bad for how Michelle is being manipulated. I do believe she would have a very hard time going to college on her own, so I can sorta understand why some of this might be necessary to convince her to not go. I huess one could argue that this is a case of tough love. I can't wait for more. 

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    Abby lead Michelle to he carpet in front of the TV. "You sit here and I will find you something to watch." 

    Michelle slowly knelt down, crossed her legs and sat on her padded bum. Her pull-up crinkled and crinkled.  Abby found The Muppets movie on dvd and started it. 

    Once the movie started Abby went to the kitchen, found a sippy cup and filled it with milk. She returned to Michelle. "Thought you might be thirsty." 

    Michelle looked at the cup and shook her head. Wearing pull-ups and now Abby gives her a sippy cup. This is nuts. "I don't need a cup like that." 

    Abby held the cup out and looked at it.  "Oh, I'm sorry. I think I saw a baby's bottle in there. I will go get that." Abby started to walk away. 

    "No wait." Michelle yelled. 

    Abby stopped and turned back around. "Yes." 

    "Just give me the stupid cup. I will take the top off." 

    "Oh no you will not, baby. If you take the top off of this. I will make sure you are drinking from a bottle every 1/2 hour." 

    Michelle lowered her head and held out her hand. Abby set the cup in it. 

    "Very good. Now watch your show." 

    Michelle felt silly for giving in so quick, but what was she to do. She would talk with her mommy when she got back.

    The movie had only been playing for 20 minutes and Michelle had drank half of the milk.   The five other girls returned from their walk. Abby quickly got up off the couch and went right over to Candy. 

    Michelle looked at them all. She knew what Abby was telling her mother. She turned her head back around and continued to watch the movie, ignoring the rest of them.

    Candy walked past Michelle and  sat down in a chair to the right. "Honey can you come here for a second please." Candy said, holding out her hands. 

    Michelle looked at her mother. She turned back, facing the TV. 

    "Michelle honey, it will only take a second." 

    Michelle knew she couldn't ignore her mother for too long. She stood up holding the sippy cup in her hand and took the few steps towards her mother. 

    Candy placed her hands on each of Michelle's shoulders. Quietly and calmly Candy started to talk, "Abby said you wet the bed. Is that true?" 

    Michelle closed her eyes. She nodded her head up and down.

    "That's okay sweetie. I'm glad you didn't lie." Candy then took her right hand off of Michelle's shoulder and slowly lowered it. Her hand went under Michelle's purple dress and landed on her pull-up. Candy patted Michelle's bum. "Do you need to use the potty?" That was going to be the last time Candy asked that question for a very long time. 

    "No." Michelle quietly said. "Can I take this off now. I don't need it." 

    Candy looked Michelle in the eyes. "Honey, I think it might be for the best.. We don't have any other panties for you and the way things have been going today, I think you're better with that on." 

    "But Mom.....I don't need these. I'm eighteen."  Michelle pleaded.  

    Candy sat back into the chair, took Michelle and lifted her up onto her lap. Michelle dropped the sippy cup on the floor not expecting her mother to pick her up. Candy laid Michelle across her lap, letting her head fall into her arm. "Sit with Mommy for a while, okay. Just relax. Nobody cares what type of underwear you're wearing." 

    Michelle got a little scared when her mother picked her up. She thought she was going to receive another spanking.  She felt beyond silly, laying across her mothers lap, face up. She felt her mother start to pat her padded bottom. She could hear the pull-up has her mother patted it.  She should be screaming and running away, but after the events of the day, she let it happen. Michelle bent her knees up and buried her head into her mother's shoulder. 

    "See, isn't this better then fighting. Just relax and watch the movie. Everything will be okay." Candy said, continuing to pat her 18 year olds padded bum.

    Michelle knew she must look silly, but she started to relax. She began to like the treatment she was receiving from her mother. It had been a while since she has been this nice to her. It's true, they have been fighting a lot lately. From where she was going to go to school, to her bed wetting and everything in-between.  Michelle slowly turned her head, so she could see the TV. Her body relaxed and Michelle felt at ease for the first time in a long time.  

    "Thank you Abby." Candy said. 

    Michelle turned and saw Abby handing the sippy cup. Abby smiled down at her. 

    Candy took the sippy cup. "Are you thirsty honey. Need a drink?" 

    Michelle didn't reply, but Candy placed the plastic spout into Michelle's mouth. Michelle started to suck the milk in. She let her mother hold the cup as she watched the Muppets. She started to think back to what her mother had told her Aunt Kim. Her thoughts went to Tracy. The more she thought about how Tracy had treated her, the more she became to realize it was true. How could she have been so dumb and not seen what was going on. Tracy had never said a word to her about the accidents at school or for that matter, the two times she wet her bed when Tracy stayed with her. She just put her pj's and sheets in the wash like it was no big deal. Like it was excepted of her.  Now she guesses it was excepted.  Her mother was paying her after all. Tracy had made all the meals and even picked out the clothes she was going to wear to school.  Michelle closed her eyes, forgetting about the movie. She sucked harder on the plastic  spout in her mouth, even though the milk was long gone. For some reason the sucking helped, it calmed her. 

    The five other girls watching this all unfold, were all smiling, ear to ear. Even Sarah thought Michelle looked cute sitting on her mommy's lap looking like she was being fed a bottle. It made her feel like she was not the youngest in the room. Abby and Gail gave each other the thumbs up. Michelle's Aunts couldn't believe what was taking place. They both looked at their sister's hand patting their niece's bum. Michelle's dress had rode up with a little help from Candy and they could all see Michelle's pink pull-up. 

    The movie ended. Abby and Gail stood up from the couch. "We're gong to walk down to the water. Do you want to come Michelle?" 

     Candy pulled the sippy cup from Michelle's mouth. Michelle turned her head and buried her face into her mothers shoulder. 

    Candy sat up a little. "Why don't you go honey. I need to help get supper ready anyways." 

    Michelle picked her head up a little. "I don't want to go." 

    Abby walked over. "Are you sure. Come on, it will be good for you to get outside." 

    Michelle looked up at her mother. "Mommy, I don't want to go." Not realizing she was sounding like a child. 

    Candy smiled down at her. "Okay honey, you don't have to go. You can stay here with Mommy." 

    Abby, Gail and Sarah went to he front door and put their shoes on. "How long before supper?" Gail asked. 

    "Be back in a hour. It should be ready by then." Kim replied. 

    Candy sat up a little more. "Honey, I need to help get supper ready. Do you want to help Mommy?" 

    Michelle looked around the room. "Okay." Not really wanting her mother to leave. 

    Candy carefully helped Michelle stand. She took her hand and walked towards the kitchen. Kim and Margaret were already getting stuff together. 

    "What can we do?" Asked Candy. 

    "There is stuff in the fridge to make salad." 

    Candy went to the fridge with Michelle in tow. "Here honey, take this over to the counter." 

    Michelle took the bag of lettuce and walked over to the counter. Her pull-up crinkling the whole way. Her mother followed her with lots of other things. As Candy set it all on the counter, she remembered she needed to start the washer. "Michelle can you help your Aunts. I need to start the washer." Candy left and went into the laundry room. 

    Kim came over to Michelle. "Honey, why don't we get a chair for you to stand on. It will make this a lot easier." Kim pulled a chair over and helped Michelle stand on it. "Now be careful on there, Okay." 

    "I will."

    Kim took the lettuce and placed in the sink. She turned the water on to rise it off. When the water started to flow, Michelle felt some pee dribble out. She tried to stop it, but like always, once she started she could never get it to stop.  She looked back over her shoulder looking for her mom. She should tell her mommy she needs to pee. She looked at her Aunt and was going to say something but she chickened out.  Instead she put her hand between her legs and started to move her legs a little.  Kim turned the water off and placed the lettuce into a spinner. 

    "Can you spin the lettuce to get all the water off honey? You just press this button on top and it will make it spin." 

    Michelle's hand was between her legs and Kim noticed right away, but said nothing. Michelle placed her other hand on the spinner and tried to push it down. She could only get it down a little.  She pulled her  hand out from between her legs and placed it on top of her other. Just as she started to push down on the spinner, Kim turned the water back on. Michelle started to move her legs around. With the effort she was using to press the spinner and the water running beside her, her bladder went from a dribble to full flow.  There was nothing Michelle could do, to stop it. 

    Kim  watched  Michelle closely and knew right away, the little girl had just peed into her training pants.  "Good job honey." Kim said, not letting on at all that she knew what had just happened. "Let that spin for a little longer." 

     Michelle could feel her pull-up starting to sag a little between her legs. She became very nervous, her hands started to shake a little.  She hoped no one would notice. Once she was done with the salad she would go change. No one needed to know. She has lots of practice hiding wet pants and underwear. Hiding a wet pull-up should be no problem. 

    Candy came back into the kitchen. "How is everything going?" 

    Kim turned. "Great. Michelle is doing a great job." 

    "That's good. Having fun honey?" 

    Michelle turned towards her mother. "Uhmmm...Yes. I spun the lettuce." 

    "You did? Good work sweetie. I'm going to have to get you to help me in the kitchen more often." Candy said with a little chuckle. 

    Kim took the top of the salad spinner off. "Can you put this into this bowl?" 


    Kim let Michelle start, then took Candy by the arm, pulling her away from Michelle. Kim whispered into Candy's ear. "I think Michelle is wet." 


    Kim nodded her head up and down then they both walked back.  Michelle had put almost all the lettuce into the bowl. Candy let her finish. 

    Candy leaned into Michelle. "Is everything okay?" 

    Michelle put her head down and her face turned red. "Yes."

    "Okay. Just thought I would check." 

    Michelle looked around the room and then  stepped down off of the chair.  "I'm just going to run up stairs for a second." 

    Candy wasn't going to let Michelle out of her sight. If Kim was right and Michelle had wet her pull-up, it would be a huge step forward. "Do you need my help?"  

     "No. I just uhmmm....need to get something."  

    Candy bent down and took Michelle's hand. "Come on. Mommy will help." 

    Michelle had to do something quick. She didn't need her mom getting mad again. She didn't think she could handle another spanking. "Mommy, I can go. You stay and help." 

    Candy stopped before they reached the stairs. "Is something wrong honey?" 

    Michelle looked down at the floor. "No." 

    Candy knelt down in front of Michelle. She lifted her short purple dress up. Candy didn't have to feel the pull-up to know that Michelle had in deed soaked them. "Oh baby, your wet." 

    "I didn't mean to Mommy. I'm sorry." Michelle blurted out. 

    Candy let go of Michelle's dress and pulled her in for a hug. "It's okay. Much better then wet pants. Mommy isn't mad." 

    Michelle rested her head on her mother's shoulder. She was expecting to be yelled at, but her mom was hugging her, not yelling at all. 

    "Come on, let's get you changed." Candy said, as she stood back up and walked Michelle up the stairs, into the bedroom. 

    Once they were in the bedroom, Candy quickly pulled Michelle's dress up over her head and laid it on the bed. Michelle stood her her sagging wet pull-up and started to feel ashamed. 'Why was her mother not upset with her?' Michelle was confused. 

    Candy went to he dresser and grabbed another pull-up. She looked to her right and had thoughts of putting Michelle into a diaper, but figured that could wait until bedtime. Picking up the pull-up she slowly walked back over to Michelle. Candy could tell Michelle was upset. She knelt down in front of her. "It's okay sweetie. I would rather change a wet pull-up then have to change wet clothes and have to do laundry. Don't be upset, Okay." 

    Michelle couldn't believe that her mother was being so nice about this. She had just peed into a pull-up. "I'm sorry Mommy." she said again. 

    Candy pulled Michelle's wet pull-up down to her ankles. "Honey it's okay, really. Don't you think this is so much easier then changing all of your clothes? Now can you step out?" 

    Michelle looked down and stepped out of the pull-up. Candy set it aside and picked up the new one. She held it out and without protest, Michelle stepped into it, letting her mother pull it up around her waist. "I guess, but......" 

    Candy smiled at her daughter. "No buts. I love you." 

    Michelle leaned forward and wrapped her arms around her mother. "I love you too." 

    Candy was so overjoyed, she could hardly keep from shedding some tears. "Your the best daughter." Candy responded. "Now let's get that dress back on and go help your aunt's."  

    Candy got Michelle dressed and picked up the wet pull-up that was on the floor. She took Michelle by the hand and led her down the stairs, into the kitchen. 

    Kim turned from the sink and saw her sister holding a very wet pull-up in her hand. She looked at Michelle who was smiling. She thought she might see tears but no, Michelle seemed to be happy. "Your back. Good. Just a few more things and I think we will be already." 

    Candy let go of Michelle's hand. "I just need to put this out in the outside garbage." Turning to Michelle. "Go help your Aunt." 

    Michelle walked over to  Kim and stood beside her. Kim leaned down taking her hand and lightly patted Michelle's bum. "Everything okay honey?" Kim was not surprised to feel the thick padding under Michelle's dress. 

    Michelle looked up at her Aunt. "Yes." 

    "That's good. I so glad to hear that. You're such a good girl. I wish my daughters were as good as you." 

    Michelle smiled wide at that comment. She was happy to hear that. If only the twins could hear that. That would be great.

    Candy came back from outside, just as the girls come in the front. Candy went into the laundry room. She noticed earlier, the pink booster seat in the corner. 'I'm sure Michelle would like to sit up to the table like everyone else and not be so low.' she thought. Candy picked up the booster and carried out, placing it on a chair. 

    "Is dinner ready?" Abby asked. 

    "Just about. Go wash up and we should be ready to go." Margaret replied. 

    The three girls went up the stairs. Michelle was looking at the girls as her mother placed the booster on the chair,  she never noticed. 

    Candy came over to Michelle. "Let's get you up to the table. I have a surprise for you." 

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awww she is finally feeling more comfortable

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Moms plans are working so well.  its almost to easy :)  great chapter

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This story gets better with each chapter. :)

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I really liked this chapter. It seemed as though the treatment wasn't nearly as harsh as it had been. Even though Michelle is being treated more like a baby this softer treatment with more love seems to bother me much less. I do still want to see her get away and be able to go with her adult life but at least she isn't being openly humiliated right now. I am definitely looking forward to reading more chapters. 

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Opposite for me. I'd love to see Michelle descend further and further into her second babyhood.

Love the idea of someone being babied longer than they actually were a baby. Similar to Parker Longabaugh's "Mama's Girl".

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15 hours ago, Baby 991 said:

Opposite for me. I'd love to see Michelle descend further and further into her second babyhood.

Love the idea of someone being babied longer than they actually were a baby. Similar to Parker Longabaugh's "Mama's Girl".

I agree. That's what I prefer too, though I certainly understand how folks might feel differently.


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I really enjoyed this chapter, it's nice to see her relaxing.

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    "What is it?" Michelle asked. 

    Candy held out her hand. "Come see." 

    Michelle quickly took her mother's hand and they walked the few steps to the table. Michelle looked at the pink booster seat and then up at her mother. "Mommy, I don't want to sit on that." 

    "Just try it honey. I really think you will like it. Just try it. If you don't like it then you don't have to use it." Candy said, guiding Michelle over and lifting her up onto the booster. Candy pushed the chair up to the table. 

    Michelle couldn't believe how much higher she was. She could see the whole table. She recached out and could almost touch the middle of the table.

    "Is it okay?" Candy asked. 

    Michelle looked around. As much as she would like to say 'no' she finally felt taller. Something she has been wishing for for years. "It's...... okay." she said. Deep down, she was loving it. 

    "See I told you. I knew you would like it. Let Mommy get you a drink." 

    Abby, Gail and Sarah came up to the table. Abby noticed right away that Michelle was sitting much higher at the table then she had earlier. She walked right over beside her, pulling out a chair and sitting down. Michelle was almost as high as her. Abby looked down and saw the pink booster seat. She placed her arm around Michelle. "Look at the big girl sitting up to the table. Arn't you just the sweetest." 

    "I'm as tall as you." Michelle said proudly. 

    Abby smiled. "Almost honey. Such a big girl." 

    Michelle was happy to hear 'big girl' after Abby had been calling her a baby all day. "I am a big girl." 

    Abby shook her head. She can't be 18. No way. There must have been a mix up.  How did she ever get through high school. She is sitting on a booster, in a pull-up, saying she is a 'big girl'. Wow. 

    Michelle was happy for the first time today.   She couldn't stop looking around the table because of her new found height. It was something she longed for for many, many years. The thought of  sitting on a booster chair, suited for a 3-4 year old left quickly and she recached out again towards the middle of the table. just because she could.  

    Supper went quick and there was  lots of talk of what everyone was going to do after. Abby suggested that they should have a fire and roast marshmallows. Everyone thought that was a great idea and it  was decided that after the dishes were done and things put away, they would do just that. 

    Everyone joined in on the clean up, except Michelle. They let her stay in her booster and was given a extra bowl of ice cream, because of her being 'so good'. It was close to 7pm when the clean up was completed. 

    Candy helped Michelle down from her booster. As soon as Michelle's feet touch the ground, Candy  lifted Michelle's dress up and checked her pull-up. "All good honey." Candy said, as she gave Michelle a hug. "Thank you for being such a good girl." 

    Michelle hugged back. Supper was good and she really did love being able to sit up to the table. The longer she sat up there, the more she liked it. "Can we get one at home?" 

    Candy was a little taken back. Michelle was asking for a booster seat? "You want a booster seat at home?" She had to ask, because she didn't think she had heard Michelle correctly. 

    "Yes. I really like being tall." 

    Candy had to think for a second or two. Maybe just maybe. "If you like sitting up high. I think we can do better then a plastic booster." 

    Michelle was curious as to what her mother was getting at. "What do you mean." 

    Candy pictured Michelle sitting up to the table in a white and pink highchair, Strapped in and smiling.  Candy would have full control of when and how long Michelle sat at the table. Lately at home, she eats and takes off to her bedroom. They never get a chance talk. Candy knew she had to be careful with what she was about to say. Getting Michelle to wear a pull-up was one thing. Really, if the true was told,  she hasn't  been out of them all that long, but still, it only took a few hours and here she was wearing one. She has already changed a wet one. Candy had second thoughts. "Just leave it to me honey. I will make sure you get what you want. Let's go join the others." 

    Michelle smiled at her mother. She was still curious as to what she was talking about, but it didn't matter, just as long as she could be up that high, from now on. 
    The group set up lawn chairs and got fire wood from the pile that was stacked up against the shed. It wasn't long before the fire was started. Michelle sat in her own chair, right beside her mother. 

    "When should we start the marshmallows?" Abby asked. 

    "Let's wait  for a hour or so. We just finished supper." Kim replied.

    Michelle didn't say much, as she sat there with her legs swinging back and forth under her chair. Michelle's felt some pee escape from her bladder. She looked around. Michelle slowly lowered herself from her chair. When her feet touched the ground her bladder emptied into her pull-up. 

    Candy was keeping a close eye on Michelle. When she saw Michelle get out of the chair, she reached over pulling Michelle close to her. "Everything okay?" 

    Michelle quietly said, "I need to go inside." 

    Candy quickly got up, taking Michelle by the hand.  Candy walked Michelle back into the cottage and up the stairs. They arrived in the bathroom and before Michelle got to do anything, Candy pulled Michelle's dress up over her head, placing it on the counter. She then pulled Michelle's pull-up down to her ankles. "Step out honey." Candy could see that Michelle had already used her pull-up, but said nothing. 

    Michelle quickly stepped out of her pull-up and took a few steps towards the toilet. Candy help Michelle onto the plastic potty chair. 

    Candy let Michelle sit there for a few minutes and then helped  Michelle down. Michelle washed her hands and then dried them with a towel. She stood waiting for her mother to re-dress her, but  Candy picked up the wet pull-up and dress. She took Michelle by the hand and led her into the bedroom. Candy placed the dress and pull-up on the end of the bed. 

    "It's getting late honey. Let's just get you ready for bed. Then we can go down and have some marshmallows." 

    Michelle not thinking she had no clothes of her own and standing naked for the the third time today, she said, "Okay." 

    Candy knew this was going to be hard, but she was determined to make it happen. Candy walked to the dresser and pulled out a diaper.  She opened the closest and looked through the 3 pairs of pjs her sister had purchased. She grabbed the light pink, one piece ones. Turning and walking back towards Michelle, with a diaper in one hand and the pjs in the other. 

    When Michelle saw the diaper, she took a few steps back until her back hit the bed. 

    Candy got up to Michelle and knelt down in front of her. "I know what your going to say honey, but Sarah is going to be sleeping with you and I don't think you want to pee on her. Do you?" 

    Michelle looked at the diaper her mother was holding. Pull-ups were one thing but a diaper. "I will be fine. I wouldn't wet the bed. I promise."  

    Staying clam, Candy set the diaper on the bed. She placed her hand softly on Michelle's shoulder. "Honey we both know you can't promise that. It will be okay. It's not a big deal." 

    Michelle knew she couldn't promise waking up dry, not for what has been happening lately. Just a few hours ago she had woken up wet.  "But...but...Can I just wear a pull-up?"

     Candy held back the smile. Her daughter was asking for a pull-up instead of the diaper. Not underwear, a pull-up. A month ago when Candy suggested that  Michelle should  start wearing pull-ups at night, it was a big  "NO". Now she knew she could walk back over to the dresser, get a pull-up and  put it on Michelle. That would be the easiest, but Candy really wanted Michelle to be in a diaper. The quicker she got Michelle into diapers, the quicker Michelle would be more dependent on her. The quicker Michelle would change her mind and attend university in London.   "I thought about that honey, but I don't think the pull-up will hold up." Candy paused for a second. "There really isn't a difference between the two. Its just he diaper will hold more and then....... Mommy doesn't have to worry about leaks............ Then I don't  have to wash the sheets everyday." 

    Michelle suddenly felt guilty about her mother having to wash her pee soaked sheets all the time. She could hear Abby saying that same thing. Tears formed in her eyes. "I'm sorry mommy." she quietly said. 

    Candy pulled Michelle in for a long hug. "Don't be sorry honey, its okay." Candy held the hug. "Can you be a good girl for mommy then and make this holiday a lot easier for your mommy?" 

    Michelle nodded her head that was resting on her mother's shoulder. 

    Candy wasted no time once Michelle agreed. She stood and lifted Michelle onto the bed. Candy picked up the diaper and un-folded it. Talking Michelle by both ankles, lifting them in the air, Candy placed the diaper under her bum. Candy thought about what she was doing. She was putting her 18 year old daughter into a diaper. The first of many. Some people might think she is crazy. That she is being mean, but she knew deep down that it was the best for Michelle. She wasn't  mature enough to live on her own. Maybe in a few years, but not right now. Candy pulled the diaper up between Michelle's legs and pulled the right tab across her waist, then the left. The all white plastic diaper with two wide tapes on each side, fit perfect. She would have to ask her sister where she got them. 

    It's not like it was all that long ago Michelle was getting a diaper put on her. Less years then one might think. It wasn't until she turned 13 that her mother started letting her wear goodnites instead of a diaper for bedtime. She was motionless as her mother diapered her. Her thoughts were elsewhere. Today had been a whirlwind of emotions and she was worn out. Before long Michelle was standing beside the bed. She looked down and saw the thick white diaper. Her mother was holding out some light pink pjs for her to step into. Michelle placed her hand on the bed for balance and lifted her right foot, then her left. Candy pulled the one piece garment up over Michelle's diaper. She feed Michelle's arms through, turned Michelle around and zipped it up. Once Candy had it zipped up,  it pulled the pj's tight against Michelle's body. Her puffy diaper stuck out. There would be no mistaking what she was wearing. 

    "All ready for some marshmallows?" Candy asked.  

    Michelle was too busy looking down at herself too answer her mother.  The cuffs  of the pjs were tight against her ankles and wrist. The whole thing was tight.  The diaper felt much different then the pull-up. It seemed to be 10 times thicker and fit different. She never did answered her mother. She just let her take her hand and be led out of the bedroom.

    Everyone sitting in their lawn chairs stopped talking when Michelle and Candy came out the back door of the cottage. They all stared at Michelle. Abby and Gail both had to put there hands over their mouths to stop from laughing out loud. They both knew that wasn't what they need to do. No one said a word as Michelle slowly made her way to her chair, trying to hide behind her mother. With a little help, Michelle sat down, keeping her head down, looking at her bare toes.  

    Kim couldn't believe how Michelle looked. If she didn't know better, she would have thought Michelle was 6 at the most.  She watched as Michelle walked by her. Her diapered bottom going back and forth. She could hear and see right away that Candy had put her in a diaper. The pjs did nothing to cover up that fact. When Michelle walked by the fire Kim could see right through the pjs and the white diaper underneath.   

    "Everyone ready for marshmallows?" Kim asked, not talking her eyes off Michelle. 

    Abby, Gail and Sarah all said, "Yes." at the same time. Michelle said nothing. She didn't know how to feel. She felt bad for putting her mother through all those mornings when she woke up wet. She has never given it a thought, until today.  She knew deep down she shouldn't be wearing a diaper, but then again, she shouldn't be wetting the bed. Michelle looked up. No one seemed to care how she looked or what she was wearing. No one said a word about it. 

    Candy suggested they should find some sticks to roast the marshmallows. Abby, Gail and Sarah got up but Michelle stayed seated. Candy noticed and held her hand out for Michelle to take. "Come on honey let's find a stick for you to roast the marshmallows." 

    Michelle slowly held her hand out and got out of the chair. With nothing on her feet she walked carefully with her Mom. 

    "There's one." Candy said pointing outwards, letting go of Michelle's hand. 

    Michelle waddled towards it and bent down to pick it up. The tight pjs limited her movement,  she lost her balance, falling down onto her hands. Luckily she got her hands out. She turned to get up and twisted to fast ending  up on her diapered bum. 
    "Are you okay honey?" Candy asked, rushing over.  

    Michelle took a second and then slowly stood back up, leaving the stick on the ground. "Can I just go to bed? I don't want marshmallows." 

    Candy knelt down in front for Michelle. "Are you sure you don't want some? Come on. Mommy will get the stick and get you some marshmallows." Candy picked up the stick, holding it in front of Michelle. 

    Michelle broke down. She started to bawl. Big tears fell from her cheeks onto her pjs. She couldn't stop herself. 

    Candy set the stick back down and carefully picked Michelle up, sitting her on her hip. Michelle placed her face into her mothers shoulder. "Oh honey, it's okay. Don't cry. Mommy's got you." Candy said, as she bounced Michelle. Candy walked back over to her chair and sat down with Michelle. She got Michelle across her lap and started to rock a little. Michelle kept her face buried and continued to cry.  

    Abby returned with a stick. She could see Michelle was crying. She walked up to her and placed her hand on Michelle's back. "Is everything okay?" 

    "I think she is just tried." Candy said. 

    Abby's hand  made it's way down to Michelle's diapered bum. She gave it a few little pats. She couldn't believe how thick it felt. "I will get you a marshmallow Michelle." 

    Candy looked down at Michelle and spoke for her. "Thank you Abby." 

    Kim had returned with a big bag of marshmallows. Each of the girls took one, placing them on their sticks. Abby got one ready and turned so Candy could  take it off the stick. Candy pulled the warm marshmallow off. 

    "Here honey. Abby got you a marshmallow." Candy held it close to Michelle. 

    Michelle slowly lifted her head up. She really did want a marshmallow and she felt safe sitting with her mother.  She opened her mouth and Candy placed it inside. 

    "Is that good?" Candy asked, like she was talking to a two year old.  
    Michelle sat up a little and nodded her head up and down. The marshmallow did taste good. Very good in fact. 

    Abby stood beside them as Michelle ate. "Come on, lets do one together." Abby said, holding out her hand. 

    Michelle looked at Abby briefly but then turned her head back into her mothers shoulder. 

    Candy sat up a little in the chair. "Come on honey. Go with Abby and get another one. I can tell you really liked it." 

    Michelle shook her head, but Candy kept moving forward until Michelle had no choice but to stand on her feet. "Go on sweetie. Go with Abby and get another. Mommy will be right here." 

    Abby didn't wait for Michelle to agree, she just grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the fire. Kim handed Abby another marshmallow. Abby let go of Michelle's hand and took it. "Let's put it on the stick together." 

    Michelle looked at the marshmallow in Abby's hand. She slowly lifted her hand up and placed it on Abby's. Abby brought the stick up and they pushed the marshmallow on the stick together. Michelle had to take a step forward so that she could reach the fire. She looked back to make sure her mommy was still close by. 

    Michelle had eaten five marshmallows in a very short time. She was enjoying them and was having a fun with Abby. Then out of the blue, Michelle passed some gas. It was loud and everyone heard it. Her diaper didn't seem to muffle the sound. Everyone started to laugh. After a few seconds Michelle joined in the laughter. 

    "Are these bean marshmallows?" Gail asked. 

    Everyone laughed again. Including Michelle. Sarah was almost falling over she was laughing so hard. 

    After a few more marshmallows Michelle returned to her mother. Candy took her hand and placed it on Michelle's diapered bum. She squeezed the back of  Michelle's diaper.  "Oh good. I thought that might have been more then gas." 

    Michelle looked up at her mother. "MOM!"


    "I didn't do that." Michelle said, shocked that her mother would even think that could happen. 

    "I know honey, I just checked. Come up here." Candy picked Michelle up, sitting her on her lap. "Abby, would you go get Michelle a drink for me. I'm sure she is thirsty from all those marshmallows." 

    "Sure can Aunt Candy." 

    Candy had Michelle laying in her lap when Abby returned with a sippy cup full of milk. Candy took the sippy cup from Abby. "Thirsty honey?"         

    Michelle said nothing as Candy placed the spout of the sippy cup in her mouth. Michelle was surprised the milk was warm when she got the first drop. 

    "I warmed it up for her Aunt Candy."

    Candy looked up. "Well thank you Abby. That is just what this one needed, I think." Candy winked at Abby. 

    The warm milk tasted really good. Michelle got comfortable in her mothers arms, closed her eyes and sucked in the milk. The sucking motion made Michelle feel good. She could feel her whole body relax. From the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

    Candy rocked Michelle a little and patted her bottom. It wasn't long before the milk was gone and little Michelle was out cold. Some milk was on Michelle's chin.  Candy sat with her sleeping daughter in her arms. She continued  to lightly pat her padded bum as Michelle kept sucking on the sippy cup. 

    "Is she asleep?" Kim asked. 

    "Out cold." 

    "Now what?" 

    "I'm not sure. I think I will just wait a minute and try and get her in bed." Candy said, smiling ear to ear. 

    "If you need help, just say." 

    Michelle never moved as the conversation between the girls continued for a good 1/2 hour. Candy's arm was starting to hurt from holding Michelle and the sippy cup.  "Kim, I'm going to try and get her up into bed now." 

    Kim walked over to Candy. "Here let me take her." Kim carefully picked up Michelle. She stirred a little but that was all. They got Michelle in bed with out waking her. Candy gave her a big kiss. "Sleep tight babygirl." 

    Candy and Kim made there way back outside. Candy thanked them all for everything, especially Abby. Abby said that it was easy, to get Michelle into the pull-ups. She really thought it might be harder. They talked about how to deal with Michelle the next morning. They all agreed that they weren't  going to make a big deal out of anything. Just carry on like everything is normal. Even though the fourth oldest out of the seven there, was already in bed, wearing a diaper and was for sure going to wake up wet in the morning. 

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really enjoying this story a lot.  nice pace and not rushing it

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Another fantastic chapter. 

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Great story. Now she should be comfy in her diaper until Mommy puts her in her swim diaper  in the morning followed by her nap diaper.

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I love how sweet this story is getting! Really puts me into baby space :)! Great job

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That was a very good chapter. Pretty much knew that getting ready for bed a diaper would be introduced. I like how you did that. Getting Michelle to accept it by playing on her guilt. Candy must have a hard time looking herself in the mirror. She is causing all of this and then playing on the guilt she brought on. I still can't help but feel bad for Michelle. I hope that one day she learns the truth and lets Candy know it. 

I am looking forward to reading more. This really is a very well written story. 

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nicely drawn out and detailed, looking forward to breakfast


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