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The First Job

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Part 1 The First Job

Chapter ONE

My name is Charles and I was out of work when I saw the advertisement in the local paper for a driver. The company concerned was located in a small business park not far from where I had my small flat. I gave them a ring and was invited to come for an interview that day.

The offices were in one of those units where there was a small warehouse on the ground floor with offices above. The sign on the front of the building declared Baby Dreams. I was nervous as I pressed the intercom button to give my name and gain access at the sound of the buzzer, so nervous that I missed the buzzer and had to ring again for the person above to give access. An unmistakeable urgency gripped my groin as I realised I was being foolish and my mind rang the need for a toilet break.

I climbed the stairs to the office above and entered a neat and tidy office with a number of computers happily whirring away with three very attractive women in front of each screen. The desks were all the same size and arranged around the three walls of the office, each facing the centre of the room.

A dark raven-haired woman in her mid thirties introduced herself as Anne the Managing Director. She was probably the most beautiful woman that I had ever seen. Her figure was stunning and she wore a white silk blouse that showed the outline of her bra and dropped down over an elegant black skirt that flared at the knee.

She invited me to take a seat and started to explain her business and the requirements of the new vacancy. My bladder again sent the urgent call and I asked if I could use the facilities. Her reply surprised me, since she refused my request saying that the interview would be over in no time and I could surely hold on until its conclusion.

Without further ado, she ignored my request and started to tell me that her business was in the making of baby clothes and the selling of accessories. She had a network of outworkers who sewed, knitted and crocheted a whole range of items from rompers to dresses and from the smallest of items like booties, bonnets and bibs to large items like hand crafted cots, highchairs and playpens. The job on offer was to collect the finished items from these outworkers and to deliver them back to the small warehouse below. The lucky applicant would have to learn the collection route and take over from Jane who was now promoted in the office to Sales Executive.

Jane was another lady with a remarkable figure and long blonde hair that flowed down her back almost to the base of her spine, she wore a t-shirt that stopped at her navel and jeans that started an inch or so below the hem of her shirt, showing that delicious gap of flesh and a discrete piercing of her tummy button. On her desk was a stack of terry towelling squares which she explained was a sample delivery of home made nappies made from a new batch of extra soft towelling from India. Yet another urgent call from my bladder, I clenched hard to shut it up, but a small dribble leaked out. Jane saw my discomfort and said that I would need to do better than that if I wanted the job, because the collection routes were long and did not have any rest stations on route. She jokingly suggested that perhaps I should buy a dozen nappies to get me through the day! She then held up a pair of oversize pink plastic pants and told me that they catered not only for babies, but for the disabled and mentally unfortunates as well.

The third member of the team was called Mary, and she looked after the warehouse and distribution. She was a rather masculine looking woman who had a laugh like a hyena and muscles like a gorilla – probably from lifting all those boxes I thought. She was attending to a boiling kettle in the small kitchen that led off from the side of the office.

The urgency mercifully passed and having stopped fidgeting, I went on to learn that all the women were former nurses from the local hospital who were fed up with the poor conditions and low pay and had decided to set up a small business on their own. It had proved very successful and the business was thriving and could now afford to expand a little more.

Mary walked in with a tray of cups. Anne and Jane both took their personalised mugs leaving a cup with the name “Mary†and a baby’s sippy cup with a picture of a teddy on it and two handles poking out from each side. Mary apologised saying that she had broken the spare cups the day before, she emitted one of her pitched laughs and said that this was the best she could offer.

I nearly declined the drink because of my urgent need for the loo, but then realised that my refusal might be seen as a revolt against their hospitality or rudeness for turning down the use of this infantile drinking vessel. I changed my mind and accepted.

It was odd (if not totally humiliating) to drink from the cup, but I made up my mind to allow the infantile memories to resurface and endure the strange shame that came over me as I held both of the handles and lifted the spout to my lips. Another dribble escaped as once again the brain sent messages to my bladder that I really did not need at that moment. Again I asked for the loo and was surprised to be refused yet again, but even more surprised when I was told by Anne that I had got the job subject to a trial. I was to report tomorrow at 8 am and not to be late.

As I left the office I noticed three pairs of eyes looking at the front of my trousers – a small but distinct spot of wetness had appeared…….

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Part 2 The New Job

Anne, Jane and Mary were already in the office when I arrived bright and early the next day.

“Hello Charlie†said Anne as I nervously entered the office, “glad you were on time, because you have one of the longer runs to do today. Jane is going to go with you and show you the ropesâ€.

“Thank youâ€, I said still with a feeling of apprehension that I could not explain.

“Just go into the small office and change into you uniform and then you and Jane can set off†said Anne smiling sweetly.

I went through the door and nearly died of embarrassment, because lying on the table was a large blue romper suit with a large teddy embroidered in the centre and a pair of blue babyish sandals with a strap that went across the top. However, the most alarming garment was a thickly padded pair of terry towelling pants, the type that would be worn by a toddler prone to ‘accidents’. I stared for some minutes at the ensemble of garments that lay before me.

“Come on don’t dawdle Charlie!†shouted Anne through the closed door “you have too much to do for this time wastingâ€.

“But this is all baby stuff†I whined “I cannot wear this, people will think me a right plonkerâ€.

“Look Charlie, all of our workers are women, many of them feel vulnerable, a fair number are single Mums and they might feel threatened if a man calls on them, so this uniform is to put them at ease and enable them to recognise that you are a part of our business†said Anne forcefully.

“But this is so babyishâ€, I retorted

“And babywear is exactly what we are in the business of selling, so your uniform is ideal. Now stop this childish behaviour and get changed at once!†I slowly took off my clothes until I was naked and then pulled on the trainer pants. They were huge, there must have been eight layers of terry towelling in the front panel that ran between my legs and to the waist band at the back. I could barely close my legs on the thickness of it all. I examined the romper suit and pulled it on over my head, the top part came down to my waist and then flared out into a great bubble that ended in a line of four press studs that fasted at the crutch. I could not reach to do them up. I put on the white socks with pictures of Mickey Mouse on the tops and did up the sandals.

My entrance into the main office was met with gasps of delight from the three girls.

“Come of Charlie, you have not done up the snaps, let me help†said Mary the muscular lady from the warehouse as she dropped to her knee and pulled the flap from behind and connected it to the one at the front.

She stood back to look at me. “Something missing†she said “he has not put on his hat with the company logoâ€.

“That was my fault†said Mary, her eyes twinkling “I only finished it late last night and it is in my bagâ€. She went over to her desk and pulled out a blue gingham bonnet with ‘Baby Dreams’ embroidered around the fringe. She put it on my head and tied the ribbons under my chin.

“No, this is absolutely unacceptable†I moaned “I look so stupid, I look like a big babyâ€

“And of no threat to any woman and so absolutely safe with no chance of being intimidating†said Mary

“You look wonderful, and we spent ages making this outfit for you last night. We were here until very late last night to make it beautiful for you and all you can do is be nasty†replied Anne, starting to look very upset and almost tearful. “We have tried so hard to be kind and all you can do is moan and be meanâ€.

I was immediately sorry for my outburst and looked at the three girls who were looking very downcast and upset. “I am sorry, I will not say any more about it.â€

Mary grinned a huge smile and leapt forward to place a kiss on my cheek. “We need you Charlie and we want you to be a part of our team, thank you. Let’s have a drink before you goâ€. The three girls went into the kitchen clearly delighted at the way the new uniform they had made had turned out and started to brew up.

My drink was in the sippy cup as before, but little did I know that they had laced it with a strong dose of diuretics. “Hurry up slowcoach, you have a large round to do todayâ€. I sucked the tea past the small non-return valve and the cup made a hissing gurgling sound as a quickly drank it down. The girls smiled.

Jane threw her head back and a wave of golden blond hair flew over her shoulder, to leave her face unobscured – I realised at once that she was exceptionally stunning and for a moment a jolt of electricity leapt across me touching my heart on its way. I suddenly wanted to spend the day with this lovely woman regardless of how silly I might have looked. It was only as we went down to the van that we passed a mirror. The reflection that stared back from under the bonnet was an overgrown baby in a romper suit clearly wearing some sort of protection against an unforeseen wetting problem.

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Part 3 The New Job

Jane unlocked the van and opened the door for me to get in the front passenger seat, she gave my bottom a spank as I moved to slip into the seat. “Buckle up†she said with a smile “we want to keep our baby safeâ€. I did a double take, had she called me a baby?

She walked around the van and slipped into the driver’s seat, I caught the briefest glimpse of her underwear as she swung her legs in and I was in no doubt that she noticed me looking. She pulled the seat belt over her breasts, the overlap of her blouse opening just sufficiently for me to get a glimpse of a white lacy bra beneath. Again she caught my peeking and smiled softly. “Naught baby†she smirked.

We set off and had driven for almost four hours on the way to our first call. Jane told me how the business had been set up to supply unique hand crafted quality babywear made by women who had commitments that did not allow them to go out to work full time. Their business enabled them to work at their own pace and do their own hours. The company supplied most of the raw materials like cloth, patterns and other sewing requirements. Some women worked in isolation, whereas other worked as a cooperative with each doing specialised piece work and passing the job through the various stages of its manufacture.

My bladder started to ache as the diuretics in my earlier sippy cup started to kick in. “Jane, I need to stop for a comfort break I saidâ€, that drink I had in the office seems to have gone straight through me.

“You knew the rules Charlieâ€, explained Jane “no toilet stopsâ€.

“But I am getting a bit desperate†I said “I am not sure I can go the whole day without paying a visitâ€.

“I have only one solution†said Jane as she reached into the glove box “undo the snaps and slip these over your underwearâ€. She handed me a large pair of baby-style plastic pants “they will fit you, we thought this might happen and I thought it sensible to be preparedâ€.

“Can’t you stop the van somewhere?†I pleaded “I can go in the bushesâ€

“Look around you baby, we are in the middle of townâ€, she said scornfully “just put on the pants and do as you are toldâ€.

I put on the pants and pulled them up over my trainer pants, and then found that doing up the snaps again was quite easy while I was sitting down. “Can I ask the lady at the first house if I can use her loo?†I enquired

“No†was the firm response “these women have often had traumatic experiences at the hand of man and do not want you going into their most intimate of places and piddling all over the seatâ€

“I always lift the seat and I do not piddle or sprinkle on the seat ever†I retorted indignantly as my bladder sent a really urgent message to seek release. A small amount of pee escaped into the soft terry towelling only to be immediately soaked up by the thirsty cloth. Then I gasped, a car had suddenly pulled out in front of us and Jane slammed on the brakes causing the car to skid and spin into what looked like a certain broad side collision. Miraculously we avoided contact be millimetres, but my bladder already under huge pressure gave up the struggle and flooded into my trainer pants. The small trickle turned into a torrent that spread with an unfamiliar warmness that spread around my limp manhood and soaked between my legs and up behind me. I cringed with the horror of it all.

“Stay here†barked Jane as she jumped out of the van. There was an exchange of words with the careless driver of the car and she returned. “Silly ba****rd†she said “my goodness we were so luckyâ€, as the owner of the car stared with wide eyed amazement at the sight of me in the passenger seat dressed as an overgrown toddler.

“Well actually I was not so lucky, this is so embarrassing†I said with a faltering stutter, “but I seem to have had an accident and wet myself with the shock of it all†I admitted with guilt.

Jane looked almost triumphant and the warmth of her smile was strange. “It is so lucky that you were wearing your trainer pants and even luckier that we put some plastic pants on top†she responded “you were a good baby to do as you were toldâ€.

“Look Jane†I shouted “why do you keep calling me a baby? I am not a baby, I am a manâ€.

“A man wearing a pair of toddler’s training pants and protective plastic panties that you have soaked with your wee wee?†she asked “is that what being a man amounts to for you?†she mocked.

“But that was an accident Jane†I pleaded “can I change before we get to the first pick up?â€

“Okay†said Jane, but I do not have any more training pants, so we will have to use something elseâ€. She stopped the car and said “jump into the back of the vanâ€. I did as she bid and as she opened the doors I saw a large changing mat on the floor. “Jump on the mat and lie down†she ordered. I did as I was told.

She jumped up behind me and closed the doors. Bending down she took off my shoes and socks and undid the snaps of my romper suit and peeled down the sopping pants and plastic knickers. “Well you certainly do not seem to have held back anything baby!â€

Reaching into one of the many boxes on the floor she pulled out an enormous terry towelling square. “What is that?†I asked with dismay.

“This is your nappy, baby†she said undoing two large nappy pins and holding them between her lips “lift up your bottom so I can put this under youâ€.

“I am NOT wearing that†I shouted trying to get up. Jane slapped me across the face and looked dark with rage.

“You have just wet your uniform and behaved like a baby, so don’t tell me that you are too big to be put in a nappy. It seems to me that a nappy is the answer to your pathetic problem. We are so far behind schedule now that I am not going to argue as I do not have the timeâ€.

She wiped me with some baby wipes and I was too embarrassed to worry about her seeing my manhood so exposed, I did as I was told and lifted my bottom as she slipped the large nappy beneath me, pulling the front up between my legs and pinning both sides with the pins that she had held in her mouth. She peeled the wet trainers out of the plastic pants and put them in a plastic bag. “I am sorry baby, but we are going to have to use these plastic pants again, because I do not have a spare pairâ€. She pulled the pants up my legs and asked me to lift up again as she fitted the excess folds of the nappy into the confines of the plastic pants. She patted the front of the bulging nappy-filled plastic pants. The site of this beautiful angel looking down on me with such affection in her eyes, the warmth of the fluffy soft nappy and the patting of my front started a stirring in my loins that I could not begin to explain. “There you go, all tucked up in a nice clean nappy and ready to go. Let’s get you snapped up and get your shoes back onâ€. “All done, baby is nice and clean again†she said “jump down and let’s get going, not far now!â€

I jumped out of the back of the van, the trainer pants had been bulky but the nappy was so big that it barely fit into the romper suit which looked positively stuffed. The thickness of the nappy was so wide between my legs that it was impossible to put my knees together and I was forced to waddle with a staggering bow-legged gait like a baby that had only recently learned to stand (let alone walk).

I got in the front seat and did up my seat belt. Jane was on her mobile phone outside speaking excitedly but in hushed tones. I could not hear all of the conversations, but snippets reached my ears. “wet his pants……accident ……. nappy……yes stage twoâ€

Jane got in and started up the engine. “We are on our way again, do you want a drink?†she asked pulling a bottle of sports water from the side pouch of her door.

“Yes please†I replied “I seem to be parchedâ€

“Well, I put a drink in the side of your door for you before we came out†said Jane. I reached down beside me and my hand fell on a pink sippy cup with a large care bear transfer on the front.

“Why do I always have to have a baby cup†I asked “why could I not have a proper bottle of water like yours?â€

“Did you give me any money for a drink baby?†she retorted, I shook my head. “I made this for you in the office before we left, just to be kind, and you are so ungrateful that I do not know why I botheredâ€. I thought I saw tears in her eyes as she spoke and my heart felt heavy.

“It was a lovely thought and I will enjoy my drink – I am so sorry Jane†I said sincerely looking across at Jane. Once again, did I catch sight of a small smirk? I started to suck on the cup and the familiar slurping, gurgling sounds came from the cup as another huge does of diuretics cascaded down my throat into what was soon to be another case of bladder tragedy.

We arrived at the first call, Jane told me to get out and come with her, as she wanted to introduce me personally to all the workers on the route. She rang the bell and a young girl came out with a young baby clinging round her neck which was sucking on a large dummy.

“This is Sheila†said Jane “she makes nappies and terry bibs for us and is one of our longest serving membersâ€. A young boy slipped up beside her and clung to her skirt.

“These are my two babies†she said with obvious pride “Darren who is 18 months and little Simon here who is nearly four, aren’t you pet†she said rustling his hair with her spare hand. Simon was dressed in a vest and was wearing a nappy covered by pink plastic pants and judging by the way it hung on his hips, it was in desperate need of changing.

“Simon is a bit big to still be in nappies isn’t he?†I said without thinking

Sheila went immediately on the defensive “Since his old man beat me and the kids up and left, Simon has had a problem with his toilet training and he is getting over the trauma and will be a big boy soon, won’t you darling?†she said looking affectionately at her older sibling.

Jane quickly seeing the friction said “Charlie, how could you be so cruel, you wet yourself this morning and I have had to put you back in nappies, so that comment is hardly very fair is it?†I blushed profusely and started to squirm.

Sheila was very quick off the mark and said “you mean you really need to use your nappies like Simon and at your age too – well really†she laughed. “Come on in baby boy and help to load these nappies and bibs into the van†she ordered “I knew that the girls were going to make you a nice ducky uniform and so I have made you a very special bib to go with your ensemble. She went to the table and came back with a huge white terry towelling bib beautifully edged in pink gingham and bearing a large embroidered picture of a teddy wearing a nappy in the corner. That was not the worst part of this new accessory, because in big pink letter across the front it said “BABY CHARLIEâ€.

Jane was very enthusiastic “put it on, put in on Charlie, oh it is wonderful thank you Sheilaâ€. I looked thunderstruck and shook my head vehemently. “Look Charlie, you have been mean to Sheila about Simon and now you are turning down her kindness. Give it to meâ€. She took the bib and tied it firmly round my neck, pulling the ribbons tight. “Say thank you to Sheila†she ordered

“Thank you Sheila†I said humbly

“No Charlie, you have to call all of the workers Auntie, because that will make you less threateningâ€, Jane said.

I was losing the plot with all this and decided that as I was never going to work on this job again that I would go along with the game for today. “Thank you Auntie Sheila†I said in my sweetest voice. Darren sucked on his dummy looking at me bemused, Simon tugged at his mother’s skirt and she reached into a pocket and inserted a dummy into his mouth as well. The two of them looked at me in awe.

I picked up the boxes and started to fill up the back of the van with the new stock, my new bib flapping in front of me. I completed the loading and Sheila came to the door to say goodbye “I will make you some more things for next time†she said “I will make you a nice set of nappies with your name on them – would you like that?†she said mockingly.

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go on

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Go on? - I assume you would like part 4?!!! Okay then - I am just a tease!

Part 4

“I would like that very much†I grinned, knowing in my own mind that I was never going to do this job again, but suddenly being aware of the nappy that I was wearing in front of her and glancing down at the large bulkiness that spread out around my nether regions.

“That will be one of my nappies I bet, but I am going to make you something very special Sweetie Pie for next time†she said in a sweet sickly voice. “I am also going to make you some new bibs as well, because I cannot see a big baby like you being able to keep that one clean!†she said mockingly and beginning to laugh. Jane looked on smiling that aggravating but knowing smirk.

The little baby held at her hip started to wail almost losing his dummy, which Sheila deftly pushed back in with her two fingers, “he is hungry and Simon must be hungry as well judging by the way he is attacking his dum dum†she laughed to Jane. “Oh, and I have made some lunch for you and Charlie to have on your wayâ€, she said reaching inside the front door to a sandwich box and another childish lunch box covered in cartoon characters.

We said our goodbyes and returned to the van.

Jane started up the engine and we started rolling again. “Only twenty minutes to our next call†she said, but we will stop for lunch at the next lay-by area in a few minutesâ€. True to her word we pulled into an area just off the main road and we opened up our lunch boxes.

My box had some dainty sandwiches with the crusts trimmed off and made of cheese and crammed with tomato. To be fair Sheila had excelled herself and the sandwich was very inviting. As I picked it up to bring it to my mouth, a section of tomato fell out and hit the bib, leaving a big red stain, because she had blended it with tomato sauce. Jane looked across and raised her eyebrows. “just as well you were wearing your bib†she said laughing.

I looked deeply shocked, would anything go right for me today? Clearly not, because as I picked up the piece of very gooey chocolate cake the centre fell out and landed right on the centre of my name embroidered on the bib. Trying to wipe it off just made matters worse and made sure the bib looked as if it had been well used for its intended purpose.

Needless to say, the drink was in a large spouted sippy cup (bigger than the one I had used earlier). This was full of blackcurrant juice, but unknown to me a very small hole had been drilled in the side nearest the spout and as I drank so small drops of vivid purple juice dripped onto the bib showing the world exactly what I had consumed for my lunch. As I drained the drink, now used to the bubbling, slurping, gurgling noises that such a vessel made, I just caught sight of the mess that had dribbled down my chin and soaked my bib. I was horrified, I looked to be in more of a mess than any toddler and my bib was a disaster. However, the mess on my bib was going to be a minor situation compared to the effect that the drugs-laced juice was going to have on my bladder.

Jane looked at me clearly delighted with my predicament. I tried to take off the bib. “No, you leave that on babyâ€, she instructed “if you cannot eat properly then you need to be punished, so the bib stays on†and she reached behind my neck and pulled the bows through to leave a reef knot which she then pulled tight. “Just in case you have any ideas about taking it off†she retorted.

In the meantime, as we set off to our next call, my bladder was reaching bursting point, how on earth did Jane manage to hold on so long, surely she would need to stop for a pee soon?

Once again I felt myself beginning to lose control and I pleaded to Jane “look I am really in urgent need to go to the toilet, please stop somewhereâ€. I sounded like a pre-schooler with my request and I knew it.

“Go in your nappy babyâ€, she replied sharply “you are wearing all you need. You have held us up enough already with your accidents and infantile behaviourâ€.

“I can’t do it†I said, starting to feel very sorry for myself “I cannot go in my nappy like you ask, I am not a baby and I do not want to go in itâ€. I stamped my foot to the huge delight of Jane who was clearly pleased with the situation in which I found myself.

We pulled up at the outside of another small cottage and Jane got out of the van and beckoned me to follow her. Once again we rang on the bell and an older lady came to the door.

“Hello, Phyllis†said Jane, “this is Charlie our new driver who joined us todayâ€

“My goodness, just as well he was wearing his bib – what a mess. Do you have trouble feeding yourself Charlie? Because I am responsible for the hardware side of the supplies like sippy cups, bottles and dummies. We might have something to suit you as you seem to be having so many problems. Do you think a big baby’s bottle might help Jane, because judging by that blackcurrant juice he is having problems even using the sippy cup?â€

“No Auntie Phyllis, the cup I was using was broken†I said looking distressed. Suddenly the shame of it all became too much and my straining bladder started to lose the battle. “Can I use your toilet please Auntie? I really need to go badlyâ€

“Well I don’t allow strangers to use my toilet Charlie, it is something very personal, but I am sure I still have an end of line potty that we used to sell that was a little shop-soiled†she tittered. “I will have to take a few minutes to find it though, come through to the kitchen and take the boxes and put them in the van will you?â€

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It is a great story, I can not wait for the next chapter as you now have my full attation


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Part 5

I went through into the oak-beamed kitchen, the Aga was pumping out heat and the smell of fresh bread. The running tap rinsing some vegetables again sent a message to my brain saying that I needed to go now and urgently. I picked up the large box which according to the label was full of baby monitors. It was heavy and the sudden tension in my muscles made any hope of toilet control evaporate. The sudden exertion caused a sudden spurt of urine into my nappy and having started wanted no restriction. I dropped the box and frantically grabbed myself just as Phyllis was coming back into the room with a giant pink plastic potty.

“There you are!†she said, smiling at me as I hopped about trying to seal the flow of my accident, which because of the thickness of the nappy meant that I could not get a grip of anything. The whooshing, splashing sound coming from inside my nappy proved that her journey was in vain. I was in full flood, the soft confines of my nappy working hard to absorb the deluge, with liquid hitting liquid and the telltale sound giving away the secret of my awful predicament. “Too late!†she beamed “seems like Charlie preferred to go in his nappy rather than wait for his potty. Never mind he can take it as a present from Auntie Phyllis, what do you say Charlie†she asked.

“You can stick your potty where the sun doesn’t shine you old bag†I screamed “why wouldn’t you let me use your loo you bitch?†Phyllis looked shock and in a trice had picked up a rolling pin and cracked me over the head with it. I fell to the ground seeing a constellation of stars, my bonnet flying off and landing on the Aga.

“You ungrateful wretch†she shouted “what a foul mouth you have and what shall we do about it?â€. She went to a drawer and pulled out a cardboard carton, inside of which she pulled out the largest dummy I have ever seen. “This should shut you up once and for all†she shouted as she forced the latex teat in to my resisting mouth, “now see how well you can speak while sucking your dummy?â€.

Jane picked up some thick ribbon and threaded it through the handle of the dummy and then tied it securely behind my throbbing head. She retrieved the bonnet and retied it. A second wave of wetting rushed over me as I finished emptying my bladder into the soft folds of my nappy. I felt totally beaten into submission, there was nothing about today could get any worse, I could not wait to get home and put this whole awful experience behind me.

“Are you alright Charlie?†asked Jane with far more sympathy than I deserved, “if so you must get those boxes into the van. I would have changed you, but as you have been so nasty to Phyllis I have decided that you can stay in your wet nappy until we get back to the office. With any luck you will have the start of some painful nappy rash as a reward for your nastinessâ€.

I tried to speak past my dummy, but all that came out was babyish sounding nonsense and I noticed with equal horror that with the dummy in place I was unable to stop myself from dribbling down my already filthy bib. I walked bow-legged carrying the boxes with my soaking nappy rubbing against me and noticed that for some reason my willy was beginning to harden with the contact between skin and soft moist terry towelling. Things were definitely taking a turn for the worse.

As I came back from the van I could not help but look at myself in the hall mirror – a big baby in a bonnet, sucking his dummy with a dirty bib round his neck and quite clearly showing the discomfort of an uncomfortable and very wet nappy. I felt like wailing I felt so miserable. The bad news was, that as my nappy cooled so my erection grew – this was bizarre and very worrying. The more I thought about it the worse the problem became, if I did not think of something very shortly I would be coming in my nappy with a new type of wetness.

Jane and Phyllis looked at me as I waddled back into the kitchen. “He will be a good baby when I have finished with him†said Jane “that nonsense must not be allowed to happen again and I cannot apologise to you enough for that outburstâ€.

Phyllis looked at me as I dropped my head forlornly “Come here baby†she ordered “let me look at youâ€. She went to the kitchen cupboard and took out a tube of something clear. She then untied the ribbon holding my dummy and took out the offending implement. To my horror I realised that the substance she was applying to the inside of the guard on the dummy was superglue. She instructed me “open your mouth and suck your dummy like a good babyâ€. I tried to wriggle away, but Jane had grasped my ear and twisted it. The dummy was rammed home and almost immediately I could feel the dummy becoming a part of my face. Phyllis looked again in the drawer and took out a nappy pin which she used to pin the dummy to my romper suit. “That’s better†she said “what baby needs to have their dummy tied into place? We know that all babies love to suck on their soothers.â€

I was stunned and totally unable to do more than grunt through the disc on the dummy. I began to feel very sorry for myself and slowly but surely the dummy started to move rhythmically below my nose as some sort of hidden memory kicked in and took over. I was sucking my dummy and I hardly realised it, more to the point it was a reflex action over which I had no control. Despite the superglue, I was still able to dribble out the corners of my mouth and as a tear welled up in my eye, a droplet of drool dripped off my chin and onto my bib.

“Come on let’s go baby boy†said Jane pushing me towards the front door “we still have lots of calls to makeâ€. I waddled comically in front of her much to the delight of Phyllis who chortled from the doorway.

“You go carefully Jane and don’t let that baby be too much of a burden to you!†Jane waved and ushered me into my seat. Again she made a call on her mobile and was barely able to be heard from inside the van. “stage 4….amazing……dummy….twiceâ€.

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go on plz

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6& 7 more. good stories.

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Amazing what a little bit of encouragement will bring - another part for example!

We started off again and I could not believe it but I had to wet my nappy, so instead of fighting it I just let go and rewarmed the cooling sogginess. Jane glanced at me as she heard the characteristic wishing sound, “That is a very good baby†she said “now why couldn’t you have done that in the first place? Instead of making all that fussâ€.

I sat there unable to anything other than suck my dummy and rue the day I had taken on this rotten job.

We arrived at the next stop after passing through some very grand gates and driven down what seemed a never ending drive. We again went up to the door of a very impressive mansion and rang on the large doorbell. A nurse opened the door and ushered us in.

“This is Charlie our new driver, but he has had a whole series of unfortunate accidents and in addition to his very wet nappy, his dirty bib and a dummy glued to his lips, he also might have a case of concussion†said Jane. “Can you check him out and make sure that he has no lasting damage please?†she said with a wink.

“Charlie, this is a private clinic who in addition to supplying us with knitted goods made by their long term patients with mental problems, also supply us with us hypnotic tapes that we sell to parents of bedwetters to help them with their nocturnal enuresis. They also have quite an impressive medical facility, so I think we should double check that Phyllis did no lasting damage to your craniumâ€.

I was loaded into a wheelchair and taken by the nurse into a lift that opened up into a large lobby. “This is Charlie†she said to the receptionist “he has come in for a check up and some profiling.†She wheeled him into a large white room gleaming with stainless steel and appeared to be an operating room. “Hop up on the couch and let us get you ready†said the young nurse. I felt very groggy and it took both Jane and the nurse all their strength to support me as I mounted the couch. Perhaps the bump on my head had been more severe than I expected.

Jane worked loose the knot in my bib, while the nurse undid the snaps to the romper suit, which was now wet from the leakage from my nappy. My bonnet was removed and the nurse went to fetch some solvent to unglue the dummy from my lips. In no time at all I was completely naked and being given a blanket bath on the couch. My nappy area was coated in baby lotion and finished off with clouds of Johnson & Johnson baby powder.

“Lift up baby†said Jane who had another large towelling terry nappy in her hand.

I shook my head and pleaded with her, but to no avail “I don’t want to wear a nappy, please don’t put that on me, I promise I will try harder to control myself, please I am begging youâ€. As I continued to beg my case I felt the sharp prick of a hypodermic needle puncture my arm as I was being bodily rolled onto the clean nappy. My eyes were drooping as the plastic pants were being pulled up and I have no memory of the one piece fleecy white bunny suit being put on me.

I do not know how long I was out, but when I awoke it was to the sound of music playing into my ears through the hood of the bunnykins suit. I had a new dummy in my mouth that was bringing me security and the nappy wrapped around me seemed even bigger than the one they had taken off. I tried to feel myself down below, but realised that the bunny suit had sewn in hands and feet that rendered me completely helpless. The nappy I was wearing was soaking wet and I could feel it pressing down on me, but I was not too worried by this fact. The leather harness with the row of bells on the front panel did bother me, because it meant that I could not sit up. I shouted out to an empty room from my cot. I was in a giant cot I realised, what the hell was going on here?

Jane and the nurse came in. “you have a fractured skull Charlie which has affected you strangely, you seem to be regressing to being more and more like a baby, so we have decided to keep you like one for the meantime until you get betterâ€. I felt the injection going in to me as they set about changing my nappy. The music seemed to talk to me I could not resist the messages it sent out. I loved my dummy, sucking my dummy made me feel calm and relaxed. All the time I sucked my dummy I would be safe, my dummy was like Jane’s breast, warm and comforting against my lips. My nappy was my greatest pleasure, it was soft and fluffy and reassuring. Wetting my nappy was better than making love and I could luxuriate in the warm wetness and feel myself getting hard inside its caressing folds. Jane loved to see my nappy wet and wanted nothing more than to change me, and for me to be her loving baby. Jane wanted me to nurse on my bottle or her breast and wet my nappy for her. I would do anything for Jane.

I came to some time later, who knows the time any more? “Hello baby†said Jane lovingly “let’s get you changed and fed shall we?â€. She changed me into a new nappy and slipped a pair of pink plastic pants over the top. She then fitted a pair of knitted booties to my feet and a pair of mittens to my hands which she secured with pink ribbons. Getting into the cot with me she produced a bottle off warm milk and holding me to her breast she began to feed me – it was heaven and within a few sucks I had wet my clean nappy without any real knowledge or intention of doing so. “You naughty girl†she said “I only just changed youâ€.

“Girl?†I screamed “girl? I am a boy, I am not a baby girlâ€.

Jane hushed me and said “what does it matter? As she fed me the last of my bottle. “come on let’s make you go in your nappyâ€. She then started to rub the front of my nappy and I grew strong and hard for her, even though the physical size of me was pathetic. “You were never much of a man baby, so let us make the best of what you have†she said as she whipped me into a frenzy and I erupted further into the nappy. No sooner had I reached this peak of excitement than I had the huge desire to wet again, the subliminal message over-wrote my sexual excitement and enjoyment with the message that wetting my nappy was more fun that anything else.

“What a big baby to go in your nappy for Mummy†said Jane “you love wetting in your nappy don’t you darling?†as she pushed my dummy into my mouth. “Suck your dummy like a good girl and feel that lovely warm nappy. Isn’t that lovely†she asked reinforcing the wet feeling by rubbing her hands over the front of my plastic pants.

I was in seventh heaven, the warmth and wetness totally outscored any other feelings. My eye lids grew heavy as she tucked me up in my cot to let me savour my situation as she placed a set of ear muffs over my ears to continue the reinforcing messages.

I woke up an hour or so later – who knows what time was any more and had a desperate need to do more than wee. I do not know what possessed me to shout out, but I cried “potty Mummy, potty pleaseâ€. Jane appeared with a great big pink potty and said “you can go in your nappy if you want to baby, I will not mindâ€.

I shook my head sucking my dummy furiously as she pulled down my nappy and plastic pants for me to perform. I made it with seconds to spare and after a quick wipe of the rear, my nappy was pulled off and we went through the process of putting on a clean one.

End of part 6

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go on plz

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very good story, looking forward to more!


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Part 7

I lost all track of time, every day seemed as the last, a mix of injections, nappy changes and feeds. They no longer played me the pretty music with the strange voices in the background and I had become totally self-centred.

Jane was always at my side when ever I awoke and my little thing never got stiff any more as I revelled in the simple pleasure of wetting my nappy. Everybody seemed to be very pleased with me. At this time I understood every word that was said and was quite capable of adult thought and conversation, indeed after so much rest (and who could tell how long they had been treating my brain injury) I felt as bright and acute as I ever had been.

However, it did seem to me that when I did engage in normal conversation, which was difficult as I had formed a total love affair with my dummy and could never be without it these days being totally dummy dependant now, my speech was somewhat garbled and one needed to be listen very carefully to interpret what I said.

It was in this state of heightened awareness and with a freshness and vitality (that I had never experienced before) when things took a turn for the worse. The young nurse who was always attentive to my comfort and needs appeared one morning with a woman in a white coat and Jane by her side.

“Charlotte is now incontinent isn’t she?†said this new woman who was apparently the senior consultant at the clinic.

“Partly†said the nurse, “she continually wets her nappy now and does not know when she is doing itâ€. I had only been changed half an hour previously and to prove the point flooded my clean nappy almost on cue.

“That is good†said the lady doctor “and what about soiling herself?â€

“No she insists on using her potty and will not be tempted to use her nappy for that†said Jane joining in on the conversation, “and she is not prepared to regress any further despite the subliminal implantsâ€.

“She seems to have taken well to her dummy hasn’t she? She seems to be a very contented baby, so we can certainly say that this part of the procedure has been successfulâ€

“I am not a baby†I mumbled, I reluctantly took out my dummy and continued “I am a man and I don’t know why I am here and I don’t understand why I have lost all control of my bodily functions and I don’t understand what you are doing to me. Why am I here?†I fought back the urge to have a massive tantrum.

“You are here because you had an accident†said the lady doctor “that crack you took on your head was a great worry to Jane and she took the very wise decision to bring you here straight away, in case you had sustained any damageâ€.

“But why am I dressed as a baby and why are you calling me Charlotte all the time?â€

“Okay, I will tell you the truth Charlotte†said the doctor crossing her arms across her chest “we want you to join our organisation and become an effective member of our team. You are a lonely, sad little person who has a miserable existence, few friends and will not be missed by anybodyâ€.

“That’s not true, I have lots of friends†I retorted trying to suppress a huge feeling of self pity and fighting back the tears which for no reason had started to well up inside me. To make matters worse I also felt myself wetting my nappy and despite trying with all my might to stop the flow, the process continued unabated. “What is happening to me?†I cried, the tears now streaming down my face.

“You are becoming one of our new members, darling†said Jane “and we are going to adapt you to fit in with our workforce. We are a very small and new business and we certainly cannot afford to pay reasonable salaries, especially with the huge margins and discounts expected by the retailers so we have found a new solutionâ€.

“What do you mean?†I said sobbing and enjoying the fresh warmth in my nappy.

“You are going to be totally reliant on us for all your needs. You are already nappy dependant and that dummy of yours has not been out of your mouth for almost a monthâ€.

“A month, a month†I exclaimed “you mean I have been here for a whole month? What about my flat, what about my bills?â€

“When you came in, you signed a form of consent to treatment and at the same time you also signed a consent form to take power of attorney over all you financial dealings. Your flat is now a part of our assets and will pay for your treatment and new wardrobe sweetheartâ€.

I tried to get up out of my cot, but the harness around me prevented any such movement. I tried to tear off the bib around my neck, but the mittens I was wearing made undoing the fiddly bow impossible, it was not even possible to tear off the thing because the mittens were too slippery to get a grip. I went to rip off the ribbon that was attached to my baby vest with a nappy pin and ensured that my dummy would never be lost to me. I suddenly realised that throwing away my dummy was probably the last thing I ever wanted to do.

I decided that I would try and take off my nappy, but pushing off the clear plastic pants, that showed very clearly the wet nappy inside, was impossible because a strap ran down from the restraining reins and between my legs. I let out a pitiful wail of frustration and grunted with frustration, which was an appalling mistake and was interpreted by my sphincter to let go. “Oh no, I go pooh pooh in my nappy†I screamed out.

The three women looked delighted with this announcement. Jane said “you are such a good baby, and you told Mummy so nicelyâ€.

The doctor looked equally pleased and nodded her head “well young lady, you have just saved everybody a lot of money with expensive surgeryâ€.

I was so confused, the warmth in the back of my nappy was wonderful and I emptied my bladder again into the thirsty nappy, experiencing the hardest stiffness that I had ever experienced, which with my wriggling and ecstasy quickly finished with a mind-blowing orgasm.

“She seems to have used her nappy for absolutely everything this morning doctor†she chortled “there’s a good baby girl Charlotteâ€. She reached into the cot and tickled me under my chin, and gently lifted my dummy by the ribbon and placed it gently into my willing mouth. I was exhausted, my face was tear-stained, my bib was covered in dribble and my vest was soaked with sweat and as for my nappy – well that is best left to the imagination.

“Let us get Charlotte cleaned up†said the nurse getting a whole load of things from the stainless steel trolley beside my cot. She lowered the side of the cot and slowly and patiently undressed me until I was naked. Then wiping me off as best she could, she helped me down and led me to a bathroom that was off the main theatre.

I was surprised to see another nurse in this bathroom, who was filling a bath full of Baby Bath. “We are going to take off all your hair tomorrow Charlotte to make you nice and smooth. Now you are doing everything in your nappy we have to be extra careful that you do not get nappy rash. You will spend most of today in your cot, because we are going to give you some more treatments this afternoonâ€. I was terrified, my lip quivered, my bladder opened the flood gates, what more could they do to me?

End of part 7

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go on

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it's getting good,but he still fishting with all his might ,but he hasn't been spanked by them.

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Dear Antonia, this is a very enjoyable story, and I love the way it's developing. Remember to spell-check - that's a must. And if you could ask someone to read your work before you post it, to pick up where you left out a word, or whatever.... It really helps! Otherwise, keep writing and posting, my dear. It's making me horny!

Hugs from Baby Jennie in Australia

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I could ask my wife to read it and end up divorced or I can do it in private and continue writing - not all women are understanding to this loveable fetish. I try not to make mistakes and I try to write in the Queen's English - please cut and paste into your own computer and correct any errors. I hate making mistakes but with the number of words I churn out in a week as a journalist, it is impossible to guarantee perfect script.

Part 8

I was changed by two nurses who lavished love and attention on me, spreading zinc and castor oil cream on my sore bottom, which as a result of the earlier soiling had become inflamed with the early stages of nappy rash. I noticed that at this change time that they were putting a thin disposable liner into the back of my nappy to catch the new source of elimination. I was depressed and distressed at this further step back into babyhood. My regression was becoming a situation that was almost beyond my control. I sucked pensively on my dummy as I thought of ways to mentally claw my way back to normality. I lifted up my behind as they slipped a pair of almost transparent pink plastic pants over my nappy, they were brand new and crackled with static electricity and smelt strongly of vinyl. The nurse shook baby powder over them to make them smell sweeter.

“Sit up baby†she said “let’s put you in a nice new babygrow todayâ€. A pale pink vest with snaps at the bottom was pulled over my head and I again automatically lifted up so that she could secure the small poppers between my legs. She then went to the trolley and picked up a pink dress that had puff sleeves edged with lace and a smocked bodice that was almost elasticated with lots of different threads passing through the rucked material (it must have taken hours to make I thought subconsciously). The cloth felt as if it was made of same flannelette that was in my cot sheet, but so much smoother and so beautiful to run my hands over. My sense of touch seemed to be electrified these days, texture and feel was a pleasure that was beyond description and my world was increasingly delighted by touch. The dress finished just below my waist and allowed my nappy to be seen very clearly through the transparent pants.

“Handies†said the nurse and I put my hands up for them to be encased in pink woollen mittens fastened by a slightly darker pink ribbons. “Tootsies†said the nurse and I stuck my feet in the air, so she could put on and securely tie a matching pair of booties. “Nearly there†she said and reached behind to the trolley and picked up a white towelling bib backed in vinyl and edged in pink satin ribbon with Baby Charlotte embroidered on the front and a large number 7. She tied it around my neck and smoothed it down at the front. Then she picked up a white knitted sleeping bonnet edged in pink lace and tied the two woollen straps under my chin. Finally she pinned the pink ribbon of my dummy to my bib with a nappy pin and pressed home the safety cover on the head of the pin, which I noticed was a little pink teddy.

I waited for the restrictive harness to be put on, but to my great surprise she said “come on baby, we are going to your new homeâ€. I was confused and hopeful, but dressed as I was, my hopes were somewhat fearful. The two nurses helped me out of the cot and onto the floor. My legs were so weak from lack of use that I collapsed to the floor, falling onto my thickly nappied rear – wearing a nappy it seemed did have its advantages. I sucked hard on my dummy and by the time we made it to the doorway on my hands and knees my new bib was already starting to feel damp around my neck.

The two nurses laughed at the sight of me with my ample bottom poked high in the air as I struggled to follow them to who knows where.

After about ten minutes, and I have to say that my knees were in agony from crawling on the hard floor, we came to another room that said “Patients Activity Roomâ€. The nurse said “this is where patients come to have some therapy to keep them busyâ€. She laughed, but it was a cruel and unkind type of laugh, a sound that was pure evil and decidedly menacing. As the door swung open I could only gasp, sitting in large high chairs were six overgrown babies each wore a bib saying Baby whoever they were and each had a number beneath. So I was to be the seventh.

They called for the services of a giant of a woman who was dressed in a dark blue matron’s uniform to help haul me into one of the empty chairs. I spat out my dummy and started to yell “take your hands off me. I am not going to do this. Let me goâ€. It was all to no avail, the matronly woman soon had me harnessed into my chair and my dummy firmly in place.

From behind the chair she took what looked like a flattened silver spoon connected to a wire which she poked up the leg of my plastic pants and under my nappy until it was almost on top of my deflated willy. “What is that?†I implored.

“You really do not want to know†said one of the nurses as she shaved a small patch of hair away from the back of my neck and glued in the new bare space a similar paddle. “Just do everything you are told and you will be fine, trust me, you do not want to be naughtyâ€.

A large tray swung round and clipped me tightly in place and my mittens were removed. I was presented with a box of tiny beads, a small box of needles and some thread. The matron then brought me a piece of cloth with a stencilled pattern on it. You have to sew a little blue bead where it says “Bâ€, a little red bead where it says “Râ€â€¦

“Okay, okay, I get the picture†I shouted through my dummy sounding more childish than authoritative. “…and the yellow bead goes on “Yâ€â€. I was fuming, I was in a pure rage, I was in the middle of a terrible two’s tantrum then almost immediately I was in agony….â€

A tingle ran from my neck to my crutch, the tingle got stronger and stronger until it was like I was being electrocuted, my back arched in the chair, my dummy was almost bitten in half and my bladder just cut out as I deluged into my nappy, slobbering drool down my bib I did the only thing I could and started crying. Matron held up a little box with buttons and dials on it “one for each of my lovely babies she said†smirking with glee “we don’t have much nonsense in hereâ€.

End part 8

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lot of pain for is every going to even with them,or he going let them win. he should ecape for little then return later on on his without the pain of evil women.

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GREAT story, more!

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Part 9

I looked around at the other big babies, their lights may have been on, but everybody seemed to have gone out. They worked mindlessly on their tasks apparently oblivious to their surroundings or to the extreme treatment I had received. “They were amongst the first of our visitorsâ€, said Matron who had spotted the look of puzzlement on my face. The drugs we used in the early treatments burnt them out, they are one step up from little vegetables, but ideally suited for these simple tasks. You work a set number of pieces and then you will be fed, if you work too slowly, then you might go hungry or we might forget to change your nappyâ€.

I wanted so desperately to escape, panic washed over me in waves, I sucked my dummy for all it was worth, but even as the frantic wiggling of the disc beneath my nose increased in frequency, my heart was sinking like a stone.

I worked as hard as my fingers would allow, glancing across to the other occupants of the room who were dressed identically to me, all sucking their dummies and occasionally being removed from their high chairs for changing. The paddles seemed to work in two ways, one to inflict punishment (as I had experienced so graphically) and also to warn of a wet nappy. The other gooks (as I called them) were so far removed from reality that they neither looked at me nor made any contact either by voice or glance. Whether they were controlled by drugs or whether they were mentally broken was something I neither wanted to know or find out.

The day passed slowly and uncomfortably, my light was definitely illuminated on Matron’s box of tricks, but my punishment was to suffer the wet confines of a very soggy nappy, which I must have wet on a number of occasions without really noticing it. I rarely bothered to register when I was going any more, after so many weeks it was becoming an automatic reflex.

Late in the afternoon, the two nurses came to remove me from the room, I had leaked badly and my babygrow had wicked up to my dress which also had a water mark. The plastic seat of my high chair was also awash. I had neither eaten nor taken any fluids at all and whatever spirit I had at the start of that awful day was almost exhausted.

Jane came in and for a brief instance my heart sang out, but then I thought about my miserable day and the ruined lives of my chair mates and a sense of anger washed over me. “Have you been a good girl Charlotte†she asked “I put you in here today to show you how bad things could be. We could reduce you to this level in a matter of five days, would you like that?†she enquired softly.

Weak from my experiences and lack of nourishment I could only shake my head and feel the misery wash over me. Tears that seemed to come so easily these days cascaded silently down my cheeks. Jane held me to her bosom and gently stroked my woollen sleep bonnet, wrapping her hand round my head to hold my dummy firmly to my lips for reassurance.

The brutish Matron came over to my high chair and unclipped my tray, “he was clumsy and useless, I hope he is not coming back here†she said “worst figure we have ever had for production, he did not deserve to eat or drinkâ€.

Jane looked at my very wet condition “no food, no drink and no changing?†she asked clearly shocked.

“And we had to give him the buzzer†laughed the matron “he nearly broke in two. I thought we were never going to get him out of spasmâ€.

“You have exceeded your authority Matron and I will make sure that you will be severely punished for this infringementâ€. She took a small black box from her pocket. Matron recoiled in horror as Jane pressed the button. The miserable woman went to the floor like a heap of bricks and arched in agony as the voltage contained in the power packs presumably sewn into her uniform coursed through her body. My thrill at this turn of events was made all the sweeter by seeing that Matron was fully encased in her own nappy which was quickly filling up as she wet herself uncontrollably. Jane stopped pushing the button and Matron rolled over onto all fours and with a huge grunt pushed a large mass into the back of her nappy that caused it to bulge out. Three more nurses came into the room.

“Seven days confinement†said Jane and unclipped my harness. She attached a leather strap and helped me to the floor. “Come on baby, let’s get you sorted out†she said softly as I crawled towards the door in utter discomfort. She gave a gentle tug as I headed back to my old room “not that way darling, you are going to a new place nowâ€.

I shuddered slightly at the thought of what lay ahead of me next as my saturated nappy refused to hold my new wetting and a trail of wetness ran down my leg and streaked onto the shiny floor.

End part 9

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I need more

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Part 10

Progress was painfully slow down the corridor and crawling into the lift was agony across the rough threshold. Jane pushed a button and we ended up at the top of the old building. The doors opened into what seemed to be a palatial private apartment. “Nearly there baby. You are going to stay with me for the time beingâ€. If I was a tenor I would have sung from the rooftops, but with my dummy firmly in place and quite out of breath from all my exertions I could only manage a “nggg nggg†from behind the ring of my soother.

We entered a room off the main lounge and came into a large nursery, pink, frilly and after the stainless steel environment of the previous month an absolute for the eyes.

“Darling, we are going to have to have a few things done to you, but then I have decided that you will be all mine and work directly for meâ€. At that moment the lady doctor came into the room with a large black bag. I knew I was not going to like anything she did to me. I flooded the hopelessly saturated nappy and Jane and the doctor moved me onto a large plastic changing mat on the floor. Jane peeled off the pants and undid the pins holding the nappy, which was so wet it just stayed pressing against me. She peeled it away and I lifted up to let her remove it from behind me – it was so wet, she had to give it a small tug to get it off. “That Matron is a bitch, look at the state of you, and you have got a nasty case of nappy rash nowâ€, she said sadly, I thought she might cry she looked so upset “I was making sure that you were always looked after kindlyâ€.

The doctor came with a basin of warm water and between them they cleaned me up (my goodness nappy rash is painful and it felt as if they were cleaning me with wire brushes). Jane applied copious quantities of a soothing nappy rash cream and the doctor applied some soothing antiseptic gel to the sore patches. Between them they sprinkled on baby powder to cut back on the stickiness and Jane put me in a clean nappy, but this time lined with a soft Harrington muslin nappy to make the softness complete. She shook out a pair of clear plastic pants which the doctor had dusted with baby talc and worked them up my legs and making sure that no ends of the nappy or muslin liner were poking out. She went to the chest of drawers and pulled out a fleecy white sleeper with hands and feet like the one I had originally worn. She directed my various limbs into their correct locations and did up the zip at the back. I felt so clean, soft and comfortable that I felt sleepy, despite the fact that I had not eaten all day.

“Stay awake just a little longer baby Charlotte†said Jane “because the doctor has to give you a little injection, to make you even sweeterâ€. She removed my dummy and said “let’s get you a nice clean dodie while Dr. McClean gives you a little injection, this one must be horribly dirty and you have almost bitten it through.

“Stick out your tongue for me Charlotte†instructed the doctor “I need to give you a little injection and I promise it will not hurtâ€. I was alarmed and very unhappy about the idea of any injections. I was about to struggle when Jane returned with a brand new white dummy.

“Do as you are told and I will give you this lovely new dummy. It is bigger than your old one and you will love sucking this one more than all your others put together. So be a very good baby and poke out your tongue to let the doctor give you your injectionâ€.

I stuck out my tongue and the doctor stuck in the needle, she stuck the needle in all over the front of my tongue, in and out all along the edge and then a few times in the middle. It was not too painful, it was like a benzocaine injection the dentist gives you, my tongue felt cold and then it felt warm, it felt and then it didn’t feel at all, I could not feel the tip of my tongue at all, it was paralysed. My eyes opened wide in horror as the doctor took another needle and injected one last ingredient into the tip of my tongue. “Collagen and botox†she said with a kindly smile.

Jane gently pushed my new dummy into my mouth, I spat it out “wha haf you done wif me? I canna thpeak pwoply†I lisped as my tongue had been rendered virtually useless. Jane clapped her hands together “Oh baby, you speak just like a real baby girl now. Doctor, will she ever be able to speak properly again?â€

“No this procedure is irreversible, the first injection has destroyed the muscle at the tip and edges of her tongue, so that normal speech is impossible, but I have not stopped her from eating and swallowing which I am afraid to say might be a bit messy now because she cannot feel her tongue very well or move it properly. The second injection has made the tip of her tongue larger so that she cannot form her words properly, especially words like yes and must with an ‘s’. They will come out as yeth and muthtâ€.

I was just about to speak, when I realised that there was little point as my speech was barely intelligible anyway. I looked despairingly at Jane who hugged me to her and slipped my new dummy into my mouth. There was no pain in my mouth, I could still feel the mouth-filling comfort of my new dummy and I automatically started sucking on the teat that filled the whole of my mouth. It was heavenly and all the recently discovered baby instincts took over and I felt the irresistible urge to close my eyes. My last vision was of Jane looking at me lovingly.

The doctor whispered to Jane “as she has not eaten all day, we might as well take her down to the theatre and I can do the next procedure if you like?â€

“Oh can you? That would be wonderful. It isn’t too soon is it? I don’t want her cracking up on me, she is very precious to me and I want to keep her, but I will not do anything if it causes her pain or damageâ€.

End part 10

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I love the story and can not wait for your. I have enjoyed the story to this point and I really look forward to the next part.

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Part 11

I awoke briefly when the new dummy was removed and a mask placed over my nose and mouth. “Breath deeply†said a member of the theatre staff “breath deee…â€, but I had gone to a world where my whole life was filled with nappies, bibs, dummies and confusion, where my mind though acutely aware of everything adult was subconsciously doing everything babyish and regressing me back to a toddler incapable of controlling any of the fundamental skills.

I dreamt of sucking on my bottle, I dreamt of Jane and I dreamed of sitting in a high chair and being electrocuted and I awoke with a start. My throat was on fire, I opened my eyes to find that I was in the brand new cot in the pink room that Jane had moved me into. I looked round, feeling slightly nauseous from the anaesthetic, at the pile of white fluffy nappies stacked on the dresser, the unopened plastic pants still in their packets and the heap of bibs waiting to be tied around my neck. I looked at the line of brightly coloured balls and shapes that were strung from one side of my cot to the other and patted one with my hand encased in its woolly mitten. The ball rattled and span.

Jane came in with a beaming look on her face. “My baby is awake then, how are you sweetheart?â€

I took out my dummy. “My thwoat hurtth†I squeaked not recognising the sound of my own voice. I tried to clear my throat, but all that came out was a falsetto squeak and it hurt like hell. “Wath happened to me?†I said in that ridiculous voice which did not seem a part of me “why ith my voith thow funny?â€

“You have got your new baby girl voice darling, isn’t that wonderful? Now let it heal or else it will hurt. I have made baby a nice cold drink to soothe her throatâ€. She reached into her apron pocket and took out a baby bottle with cartoon characters on it. She got into my cot and snuggled next to me, I moved closer to her and she hugged me tight as I took the bottle’s nipple. Almost the second the first cooling sip went down my blazing throat, I started wetting almost at once which Jane immediately covered with her hand enhancing the feeling of my wetting into the soft muslin lining of my nappy. She slowly started rubbing the front of my plastic pants and for a brief moment I experienced a stiffening, but this was quickly replaced by the urgent desire to push and fill my nappy. Sucking my bottle, feeling Jane stroke me while I pushed hard to squeeze past the tightness of the fabric against my bottom immediately caused a limp eruption without any erection. “Charlotte, you are a good baby girl, I think you wait for me don’t you. You have done everything in your nappy, it’s lovely to go in your nappy isn’t it, you love going in your nappy for me, you love all the lovely feelings that you have in your nappyâ€. She reinforced all the old messages and my regression slipped down another step of the road to total babification. I finished the job on my nappy with another glorious wetting as Jane rubbed her hands all around me, saturating my senses with feelings I thought I had left behind me so many years before.

Bottle finished and dummy replaced, Jane changed me in readiness for bed. She continued the idea of lining my double nappy with a muslin square and having put me in a thick wide pair of pink plastic pants pulled on another version of the bunnykins suit with the floppy ears on the hood and a small bunny tail at the rear. It was so soft that I kneaded the inside of the built in mittens with my fingers to savour the softness. The caress of the soft hood against the side of my face and the soft muting effect it had against my ears was cocooning and soothing. She tied on a pink bib covered in small bunny rabbits and said “to catch baby’s dribblesâ€.

She took off her clothes and climbing into my cot beside me, she gently removed my dummy and said “I want baby to kiss meâ€. I moved my head to be next to hers and kissed her lips. “No Charlotte, I want you to kiss me and suckle me down there†she said pointing between her legs. I moved down in my cot until I was over the selected spot and kissed and stimulated her with all my might. She came in wave after wave of convulsive spasms as she climaxed again and again. She held my head tight to her, massaging my head through the soft fleece of my bunny hood. I was in a heady euphoria, thrilled that the person I loved with every fibre of my body was in a heaven of my making. She grabbed the ears of my bunny suit and gently pulled me to her breasts, I gently sucked on her nipple and let the arms of sleep wash over me, we both fell asleep and next morning I awoke with her breast still in my mouth, savouring the fragrance and warmth of her soft body.

During the night I had wet my nappy without stirring, I never realised that I was doing it, a step that showed my regression to being a baby was going to continue unless I started making some special effort to fight it.

Jane stroked my cheek “you naughty girl, you have made me a bit sore with all your sucking†she laughed. “and your cheeks are starting to fill out with all the sucking you do, your cheek muscles are really starting to develop and you are beginning to look like a real little toddler. I love you more and more each dayâ€.

“I’m not a toddler, I am a big boy, not a thtupid baby girlâ€.

“Well answer me this Charlotte, if you were a big boy would you be wearing a bib covered in dribbles from sucking your dummy, a wet nappy covered in plastic baby pants, and a bunnykins sleep suit?†she asked with a smile “and would you say the way that you spoke was like a big boy or a baby girl?â€

I admitted defeat and Jane put in my dummy which I sucked with renewed vigour. “Come on baby, let us get you some breakfast†she said “I will change you after breakfastâ€. I tried to stand, but my legs seemed as weak as ever and I fell to my knees on the thickly carpeted floor, hitting my padded bottom with a bump. I moved onto my knees and followed Jane into the kitchen looking like a pregnant bunny, I spotted my reflection in the mirror as I crawled. A big moon-faced baby with enlarged cheeks from all the weeks of continual sucking, with a huge nappy under a ridiculous sleeper.

“Up into your chair baby†ordered Jane helping me to climb up, which was a huge effort for both of us. “I have asked cook to make us some cereal and a boiled eggâ€. I was starving and could hardly wait. Jane clipped me into the harness that was connected to the high chair

“Thank you Mummy†I squeaked. A lady dressed in a huge white apron came into the room pushing a trolley with the makings of a sumptuous breakfast. My mouth watered at the sight of it all. I waved my arms up and down with excitement (why was I doing that?) Wearing my bunnykins sleeper with fitted mittens I could not handle a spoon, so Jane poured out some cereal, added the milk and then started to load a spoon. I was not too thrilled about being fed, but I still had on my bib and Jane was at the ready, so I opened my mouth. The food went in but my tongue did not work very well and a large quantity seemed to find its way out again, which Jane scraped up with the spoon and fed back in again.

Having finished the cereal I was then fed an egg and toast fingers. My bib was used for its purpose and I was covered in splatters of cereal, egg and toast. My mouth was coated in a good coating of Marmite which Jane gently washed off with a damp flannel. “You sit here baby, while I get dressed. You can play with this.†She handed me a baby’s rattle which was not what I wanted and as I was just starting to grumble the dummy appeared as if by magic and went to silence my protest.

Looking through the dining room door, I could just see Jane putting on her bra and silk underwear. I instinctively rubbed the front of my sleeper suit with my mitten covered hand and began to strain to fill my nappy. I shook the rattle in frustration and kicked my legs as I desperately tried to stir some life into my almost dormant winkle. In the mirror I could see myself going red in the face behind my dummy as I tried desperately to fill my nappy.

“I know what you are doing in there!†said Jane grinning more than the Cheshire cat, as she looked back at the mirror to see my reflection. “You are such a good girl to go in your nappy and I did tell you that you would enjoy using your nappy much more than your potty. Anyway, your potty has been stored away and I do not think you are going to need it for a very long time. Come on baby shake your rattle some more for Mummy and see if you can go in your nappy like a good girl. That’s it! I can see you are nearly there.†She rubbed her breast in a sensual way, “want some titty baby, want to have another sucky on Mummy?†she teased.

I looked at the arousing sight of Jane changing into her underwear and was captivated by her teasing. I continued to strain as the weeks of subliminal programming brought me more and more pleasure. It was a real effort sitting in a thick nappy and trying at the same time to go potty. My efforts were rewarded and the joy of messing another nappy brought the feelings of euphoria even though my limp penis was only being treated to another warm wash with my wetting.

“Somebody has been a stinky baby†said Jane coming in wearing nothing but her lacy underwear “I will get nurse to sort you out.†She grinned at me with my big red face and knew full well that her erotic display of dressing had been the reason for my performance. She also knew that the more I indulged in the delights of babyhood, the more impossible it was going to be for me to put up any resistance. The infantile performance in my nappy was also confirmation that my pleasure was less to do with sex and more to do with the pleasure of going in my nappy like a baby. I sucked on my dummy and gave my rattle a little shake. Every day the desire to be released from the imprisonment of my nappies seemed less urgent as I mentally began to accept my situation.

“And after we have you straightened out little stinker, we are going to have some more funâ€

What next I thought, haven’t I been through enough?

End part 11

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I need to ask you have writen this before on diffent site because I have heard like this before,but that was while ago? so far good

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