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  1. What’s the last thing you remember dreaming about, be it recent or ages ago? I had a dream last night about my cat ^^^^^that's him^^^^^ For some reason I’d sliced his paw off and had no idea how I was going to re-attach it before my parents got back home and he was limping around and I was holding his unattached paw in my hand. I then figured I’d open the manhole in the back garden and throw the cat and his paw in it to hide the evidence from my parents so they wouldn't know what I'd done. Then I woke up Pretty gruesome dream although I think I dreamt it because of the time in real life when I accidentally trapped the other cats paw in the door last year.
  2. You could get a personal mailbox locker https://www.theupsstore.com/mailboxes/personal-mailboxes
  3. That's so cute! How does a rabbit throw a fit though? And is Tanner named after the protagonist from the Driver games?
  4. What's the white one with the blue collar?
  5. It depends how quickly you use them
  6. Why don't you try them and find out for yourself? Nope, but like with all diapers it depends on how much pee and stuff you put into them eventually there gonna not take no more You mean pooped ones? Why not get disposables? with those you don't have to go through the hassle of washing them or drying them or hiding dirty old ones until you got the all clear to put them in the washer.
  7. I haven't got Asthma, but I do have a fetish for inhalers but only the blue ones. Anyway, I remember kids at my school had inhalers that looked like this.... A few years ago, my mother was given an inhaler for some reason. I don't think it was Asthma but she only used it for a short while. Anyway the one she was given was a tiny one like this.... So what's the deal with those small inhalers? are all inhalers that size now?
  8. Why didn’t the M4 diaper want to go to Spain on vacation again? Because it had already Abena there before. What do you call an album made by those into spanking? The Greatest Hits What do you get if you combine Belgian chocolate with a smart phone? A Samsung Galaxy
  9. It annoys me some modern electronic devices like Smartphone seem to assume you want to share everything. When I got my 2nd Smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S3 I used it for photos etc, and was horrified to discover it was automatically sharing photos of diaper stuff on my Google+. And not my ABDL account but my other one. I connect with awesome people on my other account, but some probably wouldn’t really get ABDL stuff and that’s ok because I don’t see it as everyone’s business anyway. Luckily I think it needed me to do a final approve of said pictures before they were available for everyone to see and I went into the settings and turned the sharing stuff off and erased them off my Google+ so worked out ok. But I don’t want my Smartphone to assume anything, if I take a photo I want it to sit in the camera folder and do nothing until I tell it to do something.
  10. That's awful, in this day & age I think companies should legally have to have disabled toilets with only a few exceptions allowed here and there
  11. I thought DL already meant that. I've always thought of AB & DL being two different fetishes, but because they often intertwine with each other the two got stuck together. I think most people just pick the one that suits them, I've seen people who just identify as DL without the AB part such as Craisler who posted on this thread above me. Also sorry to be a pest but I think a simple "yes" or "no" answer for the poll would be better Yes a DL is different because I don't want to imitate a baby! I'm just a guy/girl in a diaper What if someone thinks a DL is different to AB but imitates being a baby? If you like to wear diapers, no matter the reason you are a DL Maybe true.... No! ABs are also DLs Whilst maybe not as common, I'm sure I've heard of some who age-play as AB without diapers
  12. if you mean Baby Baby as opposed to Adult Baby photos that's against the rules as photos with minors aren't allowed here
  13. I don't see why not
  14. Wanted to start a thread to discuss stories we've read and enjoyed relating to the whole ABDL thing. What's your preferences? Anyone got any favorites or something you'd recommend? The last ABDL story I read was from a series of 4 stories called 'Alvin Ever After' of which I've read all of them, anyone read any of them before? If you haven't it's about this surfing kid called Alvin who moves from California to Maine and gets put back into diapers. The first story is a road trip story about his parents and him travelling state to state where as the following ones are more about his adventures once he gets there. I'd recommend reading it, I think it's really well written and cute and engrossing. Here's a link if your interested https://abdlstoryforum.info/forums/index.php?topic=5203.0 I even drew some fan art based on it.. So what about you guys?