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  1. I would keep a close eye on eBay and do a search for "vintage diaper pins" because eventually you may find exactly what you're looking for...I hope so! In the meantime I wonder if you wrote to Jenny at Babykins, a Canadian AB retailer, and asked her what possible options she might suggest would also be an idea for ya. best of luck!
  2. Awwwww.....you are so welcome little one, and I'm very happy to write to miss baby pottypanties. i'm in a wet pullup diaper right now and it has my pee pee in it and a lil squirt of my creaminess inside to with some baby powder to, so it's baby's dream to come to the computer all wettied and in her yellow baby panties and see a note from you. I guess I'll just have to come visit you sometime so we can have a baby party together and have giggles galore.... Of course I am very shy and have a very widdle wee wee so i embarass easily, but it would be so fun to dress each other up and for me to see your wonderful collection of sissy baby clothing would be a dream come true...truly.....
  3. Just love your adorable avatar. Hope we can chat sometime.

    baby rexie

  4. I like this picture of you very much because I just love seeing you being enveloped by all that wonderful fluffy stuff...and of course I have an idea of what is going on inside those ultra-thick diapers you're wearing, little baby. My, goodness, it would be so fun to play together and take turns doing different things and enjoying being in our element together, talking only baby talk and pottying in our diapers.
  5. I use strictly the vintage diaper pins such as Jiffy Lox or Baby Safe. The Baby Safe's are my favorite. They have a steel head that comes in all colors, they stay pinned even with a thick and with multiple diapers on, the tips are sharp so they go through the material quickly and without damaging the fabric, and the shaft of the pin is thin enough so that it doesn't damage the fabric either. Realizing these items could be hard to find nowadays, one alternative to pins that no one has yet to bring up is to use snaps. The snaps would have to be large enough to remain secure, especially when baby's diaper is soaking wet; the conventional snaps on a onesie, for example, would be too small. You might have to have a professional seamstress install the snaps, but I think it would work, esp. if you used two snaps per side. This is something I've contemplated doing for some time, but my vintage pins work well enough that I don't need to use snaps at this point in time. I just think they would be a neat way of securing a diaper. They would probably work better with a contour-style diaper as well, but that's just a conjecture. Because each baby's body style is different, the snaps would have to be carefully planned as to exactly where they would have to be placed. So there are some drawbacks to the idea.
  6. Sorry, this is not something I would be interested in based on the motif, in particular, the colors. First of all it's the wrong pink. Baby pink is lighter. Secondly, there should be some yellow in the design. Yellow and pink together make the best sissy baby combination. You've presented a design which many people associate with Christmas.
  7. Very nice. I wonder which size I would get. Love the pink but the sizes are limited. I'd go with yellow.
  8. TY! I will have a look at this. How fun! I do wish they were offered in solid pink, however.
  9. I'd like to know how it goes if you decide to use the lullaby thing. I've never tried any kind of sound stimulation for tapping into the nerve centers controlling sleep, but I might if other people seem to like it. I do, however, believe the safest, easiest, cheapest, and ultimately the most effective sleep remedy is cumming in a wet diaper and letting my brain's natural processes ease me down, and into the most blissful state I've ever experienced.
  10. The same thing used to happen to me. I don't wear to bed at night too often, but when I do, I orgasm, and a sound sleep "comes" soon after.
  11. Hi there, Please look into probiotics. I'm reading a book called the Microbiome Diet and it talks some about how a person's gut health (intestinal flora) can impact bowel conditions such as yours. You may simply be experiencing an extreme imbalance in your bacterial microflora and there are over-the-counter probiotics available which can help you rectify the imbalance. You can also google it to learn more but I strongly urge you to look into this more because you just might be able to heal yourself rather than getting into an endless cycle of prescription drugs which will not only treat merely the symptoms (instead of the actual cause) but they could wind up making things worse (prescription drugs are often prescribed trial and error) and being expensive as well. I take a probiotic supplement every day and I do notice a difference. The book I mentioned also gives you ideas for how to plan your diet so you eat foods which will help the process of restoring your microbiotic balance, which is a very important part of getting better. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  12. What a fun idea. Not to sound too dumb here but are you wearing the control tops/panty girdle directly over the diaper or over plastic panties? I think the look of the control tops directly over the diaper and then baby panties next would be something worth trying...
  13. Sounds like you were having a heavenly evening, baby Claudia...were you also wearing the insatiable scent of baby powder to combine with the wonderful aroma of your well-soaked diapers, baby?
  14. I have not seen the Mountainview diapers. I'll check them out online. Thanks for posting this.
  15. Thanks for the great little story. I especially enjoy the odd juxtaposition of baseball and nursing. That it's an ANR relationship they are talking about makes it even more interesting. I wonder if there are any books on the topic. I've googled ANR (adult nursing relationship) and found quite a lot but in the end most of it is saying the same thing, in essence. How I would love finding someone at least 35 who would be willing to engage in such a relationship with me...who didn't live 500 miles away...In the end, did you happen to cast a sidelong glance their way as a mild way of acknowledging the awesomeness of their conversation? I would have wanted just to sit with those ladies!