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  1. Yep, sure is a toy for this specific activity. Fingers work but the tool is probably more hygienic, unless gloves are worn. And its a VERY powerful experience for the male receiving it.
  2. Relax, and enjoy. Your in for a mind blowing experience.
  3. Moderate, enough for a diaper though most times.
  4. Did all xmas shopping online, and all done. You have to be touched in the head to put up with Black friday shopping in the stores. No thanks.
  5. Rolling Stones around 1980
  6. Just added mine up.....630 tranquility ATN's Nice.
  7. Don't bother coming to the U.S. No better here.
  8. yes, I sure do.
  9. When my wife playfully grabs my crotch through my jeans and unexpectedly gets a handful of a wet bulging diaper. Or when we go to bed and she pats my diapered bottom. Anyone else get this from their wife?
  10. Absolutely, it being Halloween you can get away with anything. And that includes trick or treating in a diapered baby costume. You'll get plenty of positive comments from people while your out walking the streets..
  11. Tranquility ATN Premium night diaper.
  12. I do the same thing, with the same vibrator, but usually by myself.
  13. First grade, another kid and I both got a full blown spanking from the teacher with a steel ruler. She was a nutbag anyway. In high school, a couple time I got the paddle, not very pleasant back then though.
  14. No, never, enjoy them to much.
  15. Of all the things in the world we can have, designer clothes, jewelry, shoes, hats.....its kind of strange that the one thing we fixate on is a DIAPER. But so be it, I suppose it could always be worse. I will enjoy my diapers until the end.