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  1. Thank you Boo. I realize you have a life away from here, but please don't abandon this story with so many followers.
  2. I get this feeling that there is a lot that 'Jaywene' will not like from this trip. I am enjoying watching her regression with each chapter and hope to see more. Please keep up the great effort.
  3. I see Jaylene as needing this treatment for a short term and look forward to seeing what happensas thye term grows longe. Please keep bringing updates and I hope to keep reading them.
  4. I have a feeling I know where this is going, but it looks like fun getting there. More please
  5. Is it possible the story is Funhouse, on Fox tales times in the Long Rifle archive? I looked for it here and on ar archive but didin't find it on either site.
  6. A very good ar story so far. I look forward to seei9ng where it goes.
  7. I am looking forward to more. i don't think Steve is waiting for this treatment, but I want to see what develops. Please advance this story soon.
  8. I have hopes this will go some where. Good luck
  9. I was so sorry to see Alex' mother pass, even though I knew it was doming and also knew she had emotionally abused him. At least the young couple is happy in both social and professional(autos) life. Perhaps now that Mom is out of the picture, Marnie will calm a little toward her brother and show some kind of caring.I look forward to further updates as they roll off your computer
  10. Bravo on writing for your own enjoyment. I, for one, commend you for it. That being said, please forgive some of us if we choose not to comment after some of the male on male activity( I will probably be one of them). It might make the story better, but it just isn't my cup of kool aid. I will, however be reading and continue to enjoy the writings of one of the best authors on the site, and commenting positively when I think it appropriate(I was always taught to not say anything bad about a persons honest work). Hoping to read more soon.
  11. What indeed? I see possibilities going all over from here, and look forward to seeing the direction the author takes. More I say. More
  12. Be careful when you talk to yourself,as someone or something might take your mutterings as serious. Great story.
  13. I was the slight victim of bullying when I was younger due to my name. I wish I had had the courage to either ignore of fight back. Now I am disabled due to mental illness, so this type of story brings me both joy and sadness. Please continue. I am looking forward to more
  14. i agree with eagle and look forward to the next chapter. I just hope it wont be too long coming
  15. Please post more of this story. It seems to have a good following and people look forward to your postings. I look forward to more.